Speeches given and votes made for St Ethelbert primary head boy and head girl roles

Head boys and girls at St Ethelbert's

During Collective Worship, eleven Year 6 children at St Ethelbert Catholic Primary School in Ramsgate did a sterling job by standing up in front of the whole school and reading speeches they had written.

The speeches were to  persuade the school why they wanted to become Head Boy or Head Girl. All the children spoke very clearly and passionately. The new Head boy and Head girl will help with the leadership of the school and be representing the school at events and when there are  visitors.

The whole school heard all eleven speeches and went straight back to class to vote. This enabled all children to get used to a democratic election and prepare for job opportunities later in life.

The election winners were:

Head Boy: Edward

Head Girl: Isabelle

Deputy Head Boy: Charlie

Deputy Head Girls: Lillie and Roxy

They will be joined by a selection of new prefects who will help with the running of the school and playing with the younger children on the playgrounds during lunch time.