Woman jailed for drug dealing in Margate

JAILED: Jordan Jones

A 46-year-old woman has been jailed for drug dealing in Margate.

Jordan Jones was caught by a plain clothes officer on duty in Clifton Place and a search revealed she had more than 30 wraps of Class A drugs hidden in her clothing.

As part of an operation to disrupt drug dealing in the town, officers had been in King Street on 4 April 2019 when they saw Jones running away from them.

She  was stopped in Clifton Place by a plain clothes officer and when told she would be searched, admitted she had drugs but said they were for her own use.

Fourteen wraps of cocaine and 20 wraps of heroin with an estimated street value of between £340 and £680 were found hidden in Jones’ clothing.

An investigation found messages sent from Jones’ phone advertising drugs for sale.

At Canterbury Crown Court on November 10, Jones, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine and heroin with intent to supply and was sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Keith Rochford said: “The number of drug wraps found on Jones confirmed that she was dealing rather than just using.

“Drugs are not welcome in Thanet, we regularly run operations using plain clothes officers to identify dealers and disrupt any potential criminal activity in our streets.”


    • Seeing as she was homeless she was hardly living the high life. Reality is she is another nickel & dime addict being exploited to be a small time dealer to feed her habit. Another easy collar for the ‘getting tough on crime’ mantra loved by the government & police chiefs-especially near election time.

      Reality as ever is she would have been replaced within a day & nobody up the food chain ever goes to prison. Like the County Lines busts it is a total waste of time as it regards disrupting the flow that is purely for show & locking up those in her situation is no good for anybody. There is only one solution to it-legalise & regulate/tax drugs & more access to rehab facilities etc.

  1. This is just drug dealers exploiting an addict, the police need to catch the actual suppliers not their runners.

    Oh and Real World, if you lived in the real world and had actually visited other places you would know that drugs and a huge national and worldwide problem. Maybe get out in the world a bit and you will see that the grass isn;t always greener.

  2. believe me i have probably seen a lot more of the world than you have , and me personally , i would have them shot = end of problem

    • Real World, from the way you go on, it sounds like you have not seen any of the world and have never left Thanet. Most of your posts come across as someone who is depressed and scared of the world they live in. Nothing wrong with that but maybe you should get some help, the world is not as scary as you think!

      As for shooting people, again, that is something someone who is scared of others and doesn’t understand or reason with anyone, just points to you needing help again.

      Life is what you make of it and you seem to have made your’s pretty rubbish to have the outlook you do on everything.

  3. The real world is that some people in bad situations try a drug & wham, for once in their lives they feel okay. But its a slow trap & addiction is devastating. A trap that many will not overcome. Its easy to be critical if you don’t have that experience. There’s always lots to be done to fix this & break the cycle.

    • The bigger problem is the worst pushers are the doctors who give you Heroin & other addictive drugs whether you need it or not-usually because they are in thrall to the pharma reps they shouldn’t have anything to do with-a tell tale sign is if they have mugs, pens etc with those companies names on them, they get wined & dined by these vermin to push their blockbuster drugs.

      Homeless woman selling Heroin to feed her own habit-vilified & jailed. Doctors writing out endless Heroin etc prescriptions that ruin lives & in many cases end them decades ahead of time-respected & able to do so legally, even if the people getting them often don’t need them in the first place.

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