Almost 50 artworks open for bidding in POW! festival auction

AUCTION PIECE: Arte Noir by Eleanor Marriot

Some 49 artworks by 37 local, national and international artists are now available to bid on, with all funds raised supporting the Power Of Women! festival’s work with local schools and community groups, and the 2022 POW! event.

The art auction is now live on Jumblebee at:

The public can explore the exhibition and bid, with the auction ending at noon on Sunday, November 28.

Blue Madonna by Tracey Emin

Local and global artists, including Tracey Emin, Tatty Devine, Twinkle Troughton, Jacob Love, Jemma Channing and Lo Lo No, have donated artworks.

The artworks that feature in the auction are on display at Quench gallery in Margate from now to Saturday, November 27. The exhibition is free to enter and open daily from midday – 5pm.

Burn baby Burn Disco Dentata, by Angela Wooi

POW! Thanet is a major annual multidisciplinary arts festival celebrating International Women’s Day, bringing together artists, venues and organisations across Thanet to showcase empowering events for everyone to enjoy including performances, exhibitions, workshops, talks and opportunities to get involved.

POW! Thanet festival celebrates the power of women and female creativity, and explores women’s issues and feminism.

Find out more about POW! Thanet at


  1. another old master from tracey emin , what do these people take us for ? and what on earth has that pile of cack got to do with disco ? more fool you if you pay anything for this junk

  2. Well, looking as the two posted here from Emin & Wooi I think more ‘art’ could be found on that Number 8 bus with the turd on the seat.

  3. perhaps the No8 turd is a banksy , he works undercover – or even one of traceys better bits of ” work “

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