Plea for information after man found in Palm Bay with serious injuries is left fighting for his life

Max was airlifted to King's College Hospital

A plea has been made to find out what happened to a man who is fighting for his life after being found seriously injured in Palm Bay this week.

Max Lintott was discovered by a dog walker, unconscious and suffering hypothermia, near Palm Bay school at 7am on Tuesday (November 16).

Family friend Tezer Sait says Max, 50, had returned home to Palm Bay the previous day after a trip to Plymouth and had gone to Northdown Road to pick up a prescription.

She said: “After that he just disappeared, no-one saw him until he was found at 7am. All his prescription drugs were gone, his money was gone. He was beaten badly and suffering hypothermia.

“The person called the ambulance and Max was airlifted to King’s College Hospital in London.

“We don’t know if he will make, it does not look good even if he wakes up.

“The hospital said he was covered in bruises so he was beaten, he didn’t just fall. There are also grazes which look like he has been dragged to outside the school. He had just been left there.

“We need to know what happened, who did this to him? The hospital said he has been assaulted.

“He is now in a coma, fighting for his life, but his mum Gloria has been told they will give him three days before having to turn off equipment and we are already on day two. She is beside herself.”

Tezer says she and the family are desperate to find out what happened and are asking anyone who may have CCTV or ring doorbell footage or who saw anything to come forward.

She added: “Max is the funniest, nicest person you could ever meet. He gives everyone funny names and is a great character. He lights up a room.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to Palm Bay Avenue, Margate by South East Coast Ambulance Service at 8.12am on Tuesday 16 November after a man was found with a head injury.

“Officers attended and the man was taken to hospital, where he remains receiving treatment.

“No offences have been reported and enquiries into how the man came by the injury are ongoing.”

Anyone with any information is urged to call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 16-0245.

Tezer can be contacted on [email protected]


  1. The police said “ No offences have been reported and enquiries into how the man came by the injury are ongoing.”
    The poor man is in a coma covered in bruises with an head injury it would be obvious to a blind man that he has been beaten and mugged. However as far as the police are concerned NO OFFENCES HAVE BEEN REPORTED. !!!!! In the name of the father the son and holy ghost. No Sxxt Sherlock.

    • Perhaps it isn’t obvious.
      The whole point about a police investigation is to have an open mind, not jump to conclusions but rather consider the evidence. “NO OFFENCES HAVE BEEN REPORTED” means just that. Not the same as “NO OFFENCES HAVE TAKEN PLACE”.
      As Sherlock would have told you.

  2. Do the incompetent police Farce think he beat himself up?

    I hope justice can be done.

    Best wishes to Max and the family.

    • A competant police force investigates, they do not make assumptions or conclusions without evidence and facts.”No ofences have been reported is” factual.

  3. Why are the hospital only giving him 3 days to improve before turning off equipment? If he has bruising to the brain it can take a lot, lot, longer for swelling to go down before improvements can happen. This is something the Lintott family need to find out in serious discussions with the medics giving care to Max.
    My thoughts are with them all.

  4. I hope the perpetrators of this mindless act are caught and taken off our streets for a very long time.
    I often go for walks at night and often my route takes me past Palm Bay school. This could just as easily have been me or anyone else that just happened to be passing by.
    I pray to God that Max has the strength to pull through.

  5. A lot of people are saying about this story and rumours are saying he fell off the cliff but what ever happened to poor max I hope and prey he makes it I’ve known him years he has upmost respect for women every time I saw him he was always smiling gave me a kiss on the cheek hoping and preying for you buddy to pull through this

  6. I do not for 1moment think he fell if he had,I doubt he would have been found where he was ,
    It definitely has all the pointers to a viscous assault .please God he pulls through.

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