Thanet Athletics Club marathon fundraiser for track upgrade

Thanet Athletics Club relay teams

Thanet Athletics Club will be holding a fundraising event, outside the community hub at Westwood Cross shopping centre on Saturday, November 27, starting at 10am.

The event will be made up of two teams competing against each other, completing the distance of a marathon on rowing machines, which have kindly been donated from Your Leisure.

This is to help with a lengthy regeneration programme which is under way at the athletics track behind the Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate. The track has been used for years by Thanet Athletics Club and other organisations, but is in need of vital upgrades to help the young athletes reach their full potential.

Work has already started with 3Sixty Construction Solutions donating the sand and the labour to fill and overhaul the two long jump pits and to clean the run up area. Volunteers from Thanet Athletics Club and a facilities team from the Royal Harbour Academy also helped in the task which took the best part of a whole day.

A spokesperson for the club has said: “Thanet Athletics Club has some very talented athletes coming through the system at the moment, so it is vital to give them the best facilities to help them reach their goals and dreams. It’s very exciting times at the club at the moment, and you never know, we could be seeing future Olympians emerging from Thanet Athletics Club.”