Instro Precision chosen for government funding and development programme

Night Vision Goggles, Made at Instro

Discovery Park-based Instro Precision Ltd is to receive government funding under a Sharing in Growth development programme.

The company, which is a subsidiary of Israeli company Elbit Systems, supplies ‘high precision military equipment’ and specialises in support equipment like tripods and manual pan and tilt heads for military observation equipment. Instro produces observation, surveillance and targeting systems.

The Sharing in Growth (SiG) funding and development programme is supported by the regional growth fund which provides grants and support to British aerospace companies that are driving innovation and local employment.

Following a thorough diagnostic phase, Instro was selected onto the programme because the company meets SiG’s criteria of strong growth potential, development of innovative defence technology and the possibility of creating additional jobs in the UK.

SiG will deploy a team of consultants and training partners, including the Institute for Manufacturing from Cambridge University, that will suggest a development plan that could improve the business. The goal is to further develop new British products.

Instro employs local people in highly skilled manufacturing and engineering roles and is seeking to expand its number of employees within the next 3-5 years. The company provides systems to different sectors of the UK military and other Aerospace and Defence companies in the UK.

Martin Fausset, CEO of Elbit Systems UK said: “The acceptance of Instro onto the Sharing in Growth programme is demonstrative of the company’s status as a valued local employer and trusted supplier of cutting-edge equipment to the UK Ministry of Defence.”

Instro has been the subject of a number of demonstrations by protesters who say it supplies Israel with weapons to kill Palestinian people in Gaza.

The company started operations as a precision contract manufacturer in the 1960s. Today, products are sold in more than 50 countries with main customers being blue chip prime contractors in defence and homeland security sectors.

Palestine Action’s most recent protest at the site took place on October 4.


    • Defence against what exactly? When was the last time we were invaded? Do you not think we have already amassed enough arms, warships & nuclear warheads? No, this is purely about manufacturing & selling arms in the UK to sell to despotic regimes, who then use them on their enemies & often on their own citizens. Elbit create guns & drones used to kill innocent civilians-including children.

  1. This is a vile and disgusting waste of tax payers money.

    This company is in no need of tax payers money and is very profitable.

    • It would be better spent on having a HyperAcute Stroke Unit(HASU) at the QEQM.
      People are already dying, or seriously damaged, 1. Waiting for an Ambulance, 2. Journey Time and 3. Waiting to be admitted.

      Having a stroke in Thanet now promises to be seriously debilitating or deadly.
      Funding the arms industry is an appalling decision and as corrupted as paying friends for PPE and letting it languish in containers.

      Craig Mackinlay MP has failed his constituents.

  2. As you can read in the article the products are sold in fifty countries but the only complaints on here are about Israel. 🙄

    • Yes, many may well be unaware their weapons & surveillance equipment are also sold to other places such as Mexico & Kasmir-so they can spy on, repress & murder their own citizens.

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