Views still wanted on Ramsgate Conservation Area Appraisal

Liverpool Lawn Photo Historic England

A public meeting is being arranged for December as part of the six-week consultation on the draft Ramsgate Conservation Area Appraisal.

The appraisal has been prepared by Alan Baxter Ltd as part of the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone scheme, with funding from Historic England.

The Ramsgate Conservation Area covers most of the town centre, from the listed buildings near the top of the High Street down to the Royal harbour, and spans west to include Pugin’s The Grange and east to the Pulhamite-bordered Winterstoke Gardens. The Ramsgate Conservation Area has not been appraised since its designation in the 1970s and has evolved since then.

National legislation defines a conservation area as an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.

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A conservation area appraisal is an analysis of the elements which  define the area’s special architectural or historic interest to inform everyone involved in the planning process. These elements will be largely physical, both man-made and natural, such as historic buildings, trees and rivers, but will also include other considerations, such as spaces, views, uses and sounds.

The council is seeking the views of residents and visitors on the draft Ramsgate Conservation Area Appraisal and its recommendations for what should be preserved and enhanced as well as proposals for its future management.

The appraisal will be used together with other planning policy documents to guide decisions on future development and will be another positive legacy of the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone scheme.

People can comment on the appraisal by responding to an online consultation on the council’s website. The survey will be open until midnight on Monday, December 13.

The date for next month’s public meeting is yet to be confirmed. Paper copies are available for reference in Ramsgate Library and you can also request a paper copy by emailing [email protected]

Councillor Reece Pugh, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Development at Thanet District Council said: “The first Ramsgate Conservation Area was designated in 1970 and it covers a large part of the town where people live, work and visit. The draft appraisal that we are consulting on will help record what is special about the area and allow the council to make informed plans for its future to ensure that Ramsgate’s historical significance, character and appearance are not harmed.

“Decisions about alterations, development and demolition in the Ramsgate Conservation Area will be informed by this appraisal so it is very important that we hear as many different viewpoints as possible. We would greatly appreciate people taking the time to complete our survey.”

Heritage Action Zone. Madeira Walk waterfall

The team has prepared a bespoke Owners’ Guidance, which is available on the Thanet District Council website, for people living and working in the conservation area. The guide explains what the conservation area protections cover and provides practical advice for residents and businesses. We are inviting comments on the contents of this document as part of the consultation.

Following the public consultation, the appraisal and results will be reported to the council’s Cabinet. It will then be reported to full Council for a decision on whether to adopt the document as council policy.

For further information about the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone, to view the draft Conservation Area Appraisal documents and to access the online survey form, please visit the council’s website


  1. Another example of TDC neglect – Conservation Areas are supposed to be reviewed every 5 years.
    Ramsgate was last reviewed in 1970, Birchington was 1976 (I think) and it’s a good bet that others have been similarly left on a dusty shelf – perhaps Councillor Pugh could apply himself to the whole of Thanet to ensure that all of our heritage is properly conserved by reviews of all Conservation Areas?

  2. i dont think theres much around here worth conserving , and a quick question – why has the st agustines abbey building got white upvc windows ? i dont think mr pugin fitted them , or is the answer obvious when you think about who owns it.

  3. On the contrary, there are many buildings and townscapes that need conserving. Give those opposite-of-rose-coloured glasses a good clean, “real world”!

  4. St Augustine’s retreat is grade 11 listed so how has it managed to remove it’s lovely listed windows and have plastic one’s fitted legally? It’s also within the Ramsgate conservation area. Has the local councillor for the area anything to say on how TDC planning allowed this to happen? This is Pugin designed architecture which is extremely important and should be preserved, not destroyed.

  5. How ironic to show a photo of the waterfall which has been out of action for two years! TDC said it would be fixed a year last September! I believe it is now in the hands of Ramsgate Town Council so fingers crossed

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