Proposals for 1,500 homes, school, cafes and shops on land off Nash Road

The proposed Humbermill development site

A public consultation will be held for views on a proposal to build 1,500 homes, a two-form entry primary school, cafes and small shops on a 67-hectare agricultural/green field site to the west of Nash Road, and close to Westwood Cross Shopping Centre.

The ‘Humber’s Mill’ site is on land earmarked by Thanet District Council for residential development in the Local Plan,

Developer Axis Land Partnerships is asking residents to explore the proposal for Humber’s Mill in readiness for a community consultation, which will launch later this month.

Views will be used to help create development plans before a planning application is made.

Jon Knight, senior project manager at Axis Land Partnerships, said: “We want our plans for Humber’s Mill to reflect the needs and aspirations of existing residents, and potential new residents, so that the development can deliver maximum benefit to the community.

“Our online community consultation will start in just a few weeks and we are looking forward to hearing from anyone with views about what they already like about the area, what could be improved, and what they would like to see in a new neighbourhood. Community feedback will help shape our proposals for Humber’s Mill as we prepare to submit an outline planning application for the site next year.”

The proposal for Humber’s Mill has around 11 hectares of green, open space. The developer says features being considered for the new neighbourhood include gardens, adventure playgrounds, walking trails, sports and leisure spaces, and a central village green.

Jon Knight added: “Our aspiration is for Humber’s Mill to be a neighbourhood that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together in an attractive place that provides key community facilities, including a new primary school, as well as plenty of green and recreational space.

“Importantly, Humber’s Mill would also be ‘future-ready’. We aim to equip all homes with super-fast broadband supporting the shift towards homeworking and reducing the need to travel – in line with government and local connectivity goals. Cycle paths and new links to public transport would offer sustainable travel options, while electric vehicle charging points would be available across the site.”

Early next year there will be an in-person consultation event where people can meet the project team. A second in-person event will be held in early spring 2022.

Archaeological trial trenching is currently being carried out to establish the presence, condition and date of any archaeological remains which may be present on the site.

Go to the Humber’s Mill website for more details or email [email protected].


  1. No No No….opposite poorhole travesty and if the one near Garlinge appeal is won then just be concrete from Westgate to Westwood …

    • TDC would have allowed the Plans regardless of Manston.
      It’s been on the Planning Table for years. Can’t remember when the Draft Local Plan was invented, possibly late ’90 or early Millenia!

  2. I’ll have the honour…

    You were all played by Gale and Mackinlay. There was never going to be an airport on that site, just houses. Now the Manstophiles are facing their worst nightmare.

    How sad. Donkeys lead by asses!

  3. What about the infrastructure to support this……Like our waste water system – which is already in a foul state with the regular releases into the sea. 1500 new homes, say 3 people per house hold on average is 4500 more effluent making machines depositing into a network that can’t cope and needs the investment before more houses are added to deal with the current demands, let alone this many more.

  4. Thanet is becoming an urban sprawl. We have lack of Doctors, long waits in A and E, a traffic system overwhelmed. A sewage system which cannot cope, Social services overstretched etc etc. The move towards using local produce and the need to protect farm land. The need for green spaces for mental health. What benefit does another housing estate give to local residents?

    • No benefit at all. However, the council officers are rubbing their hands together at all the extra council tax coming in.
      Nash Road is just a country lane not suitable for heavy vehicles at all but thousands more vehicles are expected to use it. The infrastructure is not even being put in place for the houses already being built. This is just madness!!

      • Not sure about that, I read a piece about the TDC budget and one of the pressures is said to be more homes and consequently more bins to collect – they don’t seem able to connect additional revenue and delivery of additional services!
        We have a hapless, hopeless council led by hapless hopeless senior officers and councillors.

  5. What a stupid name for the intended development, what does it have in common with that part of Thanet? ‘What do we like about that area and what can they do to improve it’? well, just leave it alone as we don’t need anymore developments of thousands more homes here taking away the green corridors we do need. The roads in Thanet are already at a standstill during rush hour and weekends, something we never had to worry about before all this building on our green fields. It’s just too much! No sweet talk by more developers are going to fool us, we have heard it all before!

  6. This will be aimed squarely at DFL’s. Most of the new housing in Thanet does not include garden space, which is something a DHL is used to. They certainly won’t be ‘affordable’, price ranges of 300k+ will be out of reach of locals looking for housing. And just where are all these new residents going to find work, school places for their children and a GP? There are none of the above in Thanet!

  7. This is a very busy area already Westwood cross areas and surroundings has so much traffic yet The roads are tiny Widen that stupid Nash road where it suddenly goes narrow with a kerb causing cars to do national speed limit to then brake suddenly where it just scrapes two cars
    Plus all that green area going as well as poohole Lane what area next
    Consider residents already living around these areas if you could see Westwood Road at school times you’d see the dangers of traffic it will be the same here

    • Perhaps if people lobbied for better public transport and weren’t so keen on driving everywhere, the situation would improve. It’s about time it did.

  8. What people need to remember is that the time to have your say is when the local plan is being pulled together. Once that has been approved, and land is earmarked for residential development it is very, very difficult to then prevent houses being built on it.

    As this land was earmarked for houses then, as long as the developers make provision for an adequate number of affordable houses, then the reality is there is very little anyone can do to stop it from happening.

    Next time TDC publish the draft local plan, that’s the time to scrutinise it and make your feelings known.

    • That ‘affordable’ tag is a huge joke in itself.
      There are very few on Thanet wages that can even dream about being able to purchase them.
      These houses are all for London overspill and similar.
      The average Thanet resident has not got a chance other than to put up with the gridlocked roads and inadequate medical services.
      Ashford is a long way,.

  9. A Hyper-acute stroke unit will be needed for a population increased by 5000 plus people which will make Thanet the largest conurbation in Kent. How many of us will die before it is acknowledged that a 40-50 mile drive to the nearest HASU is not acceptable?

    • Magsym according to Roger, a hyper acute stroke unit is not needed for this area I suggested it was needed with all the extra people coming to the area no no no it is not required was his miserable answer well I shall suggest to Roger that it will be now having read this article both of our M Ps are a complete waste of space instead of the pair of them standing with silly grins on their faces for charity events the pair need to start earning the £81,000 they take from the tax payers and start listening to those we pay their wages.It is not only Thanet that is being destroyed Herne Bay is about to have nearly 1,000 houses built on the countryside around them this of course is part of Rogers constituancy, email the pair of them to let them know that we have had enough of them slacking in their duty to do what’s best for us NOT them it is no good moaning to each other on here make your feelings known to them

  10. Surely not more houses as where is the infrastructure like Doctor’s surgeries for these estates going up? We are over stretched in Thanet as it is. I understand that the country needs houses but just dumping them anywhere is ridiculous. The whole island will be one big housing estate in the end. Thanet seaside towns needs tourists and hotels not housing estates. It’s getting ridiculous. What is the matter with the council?

  11. The end of Thanet as we know it. Gridlock everywhere.
    We worry now about effluent being pumped into the sea, we worry about adequate water , we worry about adequate services, schools, doctors, ambulances to take us to Ashford…..
    Thanet is becoming a London overspill ghetto.
    Haine still has a proposal for another huge ghetto to be built, all houses that Thanet wages cannot afford to buy.

  12. locals should all move to london probably cheaper there now as most London residents live here,we are gridlocked now, our roads are not capable of further huge areas of housing that cannot be brought by locals and not available to rent at sensible prices,I wonder what is happening to Margate,already poor hole lane development has brought down many trees and bushes when is our council going to stop this madness

    • It’s not down to the council, really. The target of 17000 houses was put on us by the government. True, the situation has been made worse by a really bad Local Plan that reserves hundreds of acres of brownfield site (Manston) for aviation use.

      • Boris backtracked and U-turned on building in the South-East of England earlier this year, in their ‘Levelling-Up’ Gove told the media the South-East will no longer be expected to build as many new homes on greenfield sites, he wants much more of them built up north now. Why don’t TDC take notice of this and reject new developments to save the destruction of Thanet?
        Also, in 2021 house prices in the south-east are now ten times the average wage and out of reach of most people that need them. That percentage is currently rising year on year making these latest homes planned to be developed in Thanet unaffordable to the average family. TDC must really get tough and demand that the 30 percent of affordable homes is carried through, or reject them all. It is completely unacceptable that we must take this burden in the most deprived area of Kent.

  13. Thanet is one big place now rather than small towns and villages and really if you are counting it as one place then it is a small city with westwood as its centre

  14. 1500 homes 3000 electric cars and no recharging points. 6000 kids no teachers 8000 more patients no doctors shall I go on.

  15. The country has an ever increasing population, we allow pretty much unlimited migration and foreign investment, as a result there is a never ending demand for housing. It has to be build somewhere in the absence of the electorate voting for a party to deal with the issues. In general people don’t. So houses have to be built. Not surprisingly they get built where the developer feels they can make a prodit and fill them easily.
    People whine about the cost of the homes but want decent homes, many of those at westwood are built byfor housing associations. Yes the houses are beyond yhe reach of many in thanet , but that is largely because wages are low in thanet and we have too many low skilled people unwilling to make the efforts to improve their lot.
    The houses will get built, somewhere, as pointed out the land has been identified as for development in the local plan so pretty much a done deal. Thanet is gridlocked primarily during the school run, let the little darlings walk, use a bus, cycle etc and it’ll be solved.
    If the incomers are nicer people then new doctors may choose to work here, it can’t be a coincidence that in nicer parts of thanet there are excellent gp’s less pleasant parts struggle.
    Change is most certainly coming, much better totry and shape it than go all Canute.

      • By not looking thru your rose tinted glasses… Go to Palm Bay then go to Cliftonville and observe the demographic…… Last time I was at Bethesda and dispite the one complaint one person rule ..5 people and an interpreter taking 25mins… That’s why

        • And can you give me a sensible answer to my question? How does a GP know whether a new patient is going to be a”nicer” person or not”? Can a GP refuse to accept a new applicant on grounds of bad manners (not very “nice”) or lack of fluent English (might be “nice”, but needs to be accompanied by an interpreter)?

      • As AM says have stand outside some of the surgeries and have a look at the clientele and how they present themselves. Bethesda and Limes is a vastly different experience to say Westgate Bay or Mocketts Wood. Really should’nt be hard to take off your dressing gown have a bit of a wash , put on clean clothes , leave the attitude and bad language at home, be civil , if you expect people to help you.

          • If they choose to work in a surgery then yes they have an obligation to treat patients registered at that surgery, however given thanets shortage of GP’s they obviously don’t choose to work in thanet in sufficient numbers.

  16. Allow the homes and in no time we shall have no where to bury the dead except the Manston runway or we could float the bodies out to sea down the Stour

  17. There are some absolutely ridiculous exaggerations in this comment thread.

    Why have my previous comments not appeared this morning?

  18. That’s TDC CLLRS and MPs all over build on green belt not even considering the brown field site at Manston with that slab in concrete on it, people voting locally or in a general election next time consider this, up in Glasgow elegedly fighting for climate change agreement, but they want to put 24/7 7 aircraft in flight 1km from Ramsgate and build on green land. Who they fooling.

    • London boroughs looking to deal with their housing lists will be looking for the closest affordable option, 2 hours to london, in the south east, a reasonable degree of infrastucture in place, land designated for development. That enough for starters?
      I’d quite happlily have thanet stay as it was when i moved here in the 80’s.But things move on and will continue to do so.

    • Or, better still Fred up north where they so much want to be level with the south/s east let’s see how they like having their area stripped of every piece of prime farmland.

  19. LC. I live in ‘a less pleasant part of Thanet’ Our surgery is excellent with more than enough GP’s plus others to look after residents in the area. How dare you imply that new GP’s will only be attracted to the area if ‘nicer people’ move to Thanet.

    • Then why don’t enough GP’s choose to work here? There are always exceptions to every argument, but as a generality my view stands. Having once had the misfortune to be registered at the limes and witnessed some of the miscreant behaviour in there , it can hardly be on any aspiring GP’s wish list of places to work.

      • Your opinion only stands if you can support it with facts.
        Here are some:
        “Areas worst-affected by GP shortage

        The areas with the highest numbers of inhabitants per GP are Fylde and Wyre, Hull, Calderdale, Thurrock and Portsmouth.

        This is how the top 10 looks:

        Fylde and Wrye – 2,833 patients per GP
        Hull – 2,761
        Calderdale – 2,606
        Thurrock – 2,592
        Portsmouth – 2,559
        North East Lincolnshire – 2,551
        Stafford – 2,557
        Tameside and Glossop – 2,536
        Chorley and South Ribble – 2,510
        Kent and Medway – 2,503”

        You’ll see that we are well down the list. The shortage of GPs is nation wide, and has probably got a lot to do with this government’s treatment of health service practitioners over a decade or so.


  20. It’s entrance has been caped off the main road for more than a year, fools to think this was not already a done deal, Westwood will be a town in its own right soon, which has been the plan for a decade or more.
    There are more capped off entrances all around Westwood if you look, you will see them.

    • We,ve been saying that too , about the various capped off entrances off new haine road and westwood road , it was all future planned years ago !
      I might sell up in Broadstairs for £500k and move to Devon !
      Thanet is becoming over populated sadly !

  21. Put all the infrastructure in first, then go from there.
    Don’t build and then we clog up the roads, the schools A&E, doctors surgeries.
    Just and idea
    For more quality ideas please see my Twitter page

  22. Because of pressure from UKIP, TIG and Tory councillors, a perfectly reasonable Local Plan was rejected in favour of one which reserved Manston for aviation only use, meaning that 1000s of houses that could have been built on the ex-airfield site are now being built on Greenfield sites instead.
    If you voted UKIP, TIG or Tory, you’ve only yourselves to blame for this dreadful situation.

  23. Stop Press!
    Right Whingers in Thanet rush
    to buy garlic and wooden stakes
    due to a primitive fear of Londoners creeping up the motorway and lurking on HS1 trains. “I am afraid of the new people but my real terror is Avocado and 5 quid a pint” said
    a golf club member.

  24. As we move inexorably to the building of 17,000 houses with a crumbling infrastructure, I can’t help feeling that I, along with the majority of the community slept walked into this potential nightmare.
    As has been pointed out, this land was highlighted in the local plan and therefore will be used.
    I am deeply saddened that we criticise each other, rather than directing our energies to the governance of our community.
    As each development arises we should be proactive and ensure that any development is good for the local community, that it meets legislative requirements and is not signed off without rigorous inspection.
    At present local community groups are actively opposing developments seeking to reduce the amount of affordable housing often down to 15%.
    Perhaps it is now time to concentrate our understandable anger towards the establishment rather than each other.
    I love Thanet and I find it hard to accept that we will always inevitably be a community of high deprivation, that has it’s local resources eroded away, where Doctors do not want to work and becoming a building site. The only way we are going to bring about change is by proactive.
    We should all ask ourselves, have I done enough? I am sure that I have not.

  25. If we need all these houses why are we giving up
    green field land when we need to support ourselves now we have left the EU after all we have Manston airfield which would for fill this need after all if thes houses are built they will be to close to the airfield plans for Manston green was proposed back in 2013, years ago Nethercout estate was finished because any further building was done it would have been to close to the airfield what has changed

  26. So much local land is landbanked just check out land registry to see who owns greenfield and other land.

    Developers love fanet for many reasons, cheap green/brown field expansive sites and yes near a beach with sand.
    An airport on the horizon, a parkway station being developers love thanet.

    Hopefully the thanet slumlords will sharpen their pencils and smell something better than damp in their rental properties ! everyone understands slumlords are nay welcome.

    Others will disagree tlmn

    • A good amount of the land in and around thanet is owned by Oxford and Cambridge university colleges and the church of england. All of whom would quite happily sell at the right price. Developers may well have taken out purchase options on land as well. But why shouldn’t any owner not be able to sell whatever the proposed future use?

  27. There is already housing being built!!what about the roads they canning cope already !!!!!!. I work in canterbury hospital and it takes a hour to drive 17 miles because the roads have never been sorted to accommodate the mass housing being built . People can’t find dentists , doctors as it is !!! Getting a appointment pointless so people just don’t go . Soon here will be no. Arable land between towns ,no no no no enough is enough . Cheap nasty new builds that are riddle with problems and cheap materials .

    • Why not convey your concerns to our elected representative (Craig Mackinlay). It was his government that decided to impose 17000 houses on Thanet.
      PS the train from Ramsgate to Canterbury only takes 20 minutes.

      • But the train is not door to door, add on the time to get to and from the staion at each end of the journey , not inconsiderable from Canterbury West and getting to Canterbury East. (In my experience) takes far longer than 20 mins. Perhaps a more viable option if the hospital had a shuttle bus between stations and hospital.

        • So what if the train doesn’t go door-to-door? There are taxis. There is at least one bus route to the hospital. The general addiction to private cars has caused an enormous amount of illness, death and destruction.

        • Be part of the solution, not the problem. The roads are congested because they’re full if cars . And yours us one of them.
          As it happens, the bus journey from Canterbury West station to the hospital is 22 minutes. Add to that the 20 minutes from Ramsgate to Canterbury and you have an overall travel time of 42 minutes; more than 15 minutes quicker than the car journey.

          • Of course you assume that the bus timetable coincides exactly with the train times and have conveniently forgotten the op’s travel time from home to ramsgate station. Taxi’s on a daily basis whilst possible are unlikely to be finacially viable ( especially if a car is already owned) . My suggestion of a hospital shuttle bus was intended as a possible solution. You’d also assume that if public transport was more efficient than a private car the op would have used it.
            Car ownership has also given people great freedoms and opportunities they’d otherwise not have had, two sides to every coin.

  28. It’s not just in thanet is a National scheme by our government.
    The Tories are supported by big landlords, landowners, big businesses etc so will do anything to keep them happy and their funds coming into the tory party.
    Thanet is a Tory stronghold so it is what most voters in thanet want and agree with by keeping thanet a Tory stronghold.
    Thanet has changed so much from being a popular seaside holiday place in the 60′ to the Tories dole by the sea schemes under Thatcher in the 80′ and that’s be honest thanet really was a dump back than.
    Thanet has never recovered from the Thatcher years, still lack of good paid jobs. Any person working in jobs that are National paid GP’s , teachers, etc can have a much better standard of living in other parts of this country.
    Thanet is now trying to improve its image thought art, and the arty lovies. All this will do is bring people with money to buy homes at a premium. Great if you are selling and moving away or leaving an inheritance. But for our young people it means building a home is just a pipe dream unless they move away.
    The problem for thanet is it’s trying to go in so many different directions. Should it be art ? Should it be a dirty cargo hub ? Should it be a retirement place ? Now we have groups that want lots of public areas left uncut looking a mess, not a great look if thanet wants tourists, nor is an airport.
    What direction is thanet trying to go in ?
    Houses priced rising, private rent rising wages not.
    I see nothing for most young people around here, no future, once I retire I am moving out to a place where my pension will go further.
    TDC are basically bust both in money and management. People want the roads swept move, bins empty move the list goes on. Yet people dont want to pay more council tax !.

    Our housing problems go back to one person, Thatcher. She sold of our housing stock on the cheap than allowed her banker mates to increase the mortgage rate to strange the new buyers. Thatcher never replaced our housing stock instead she let her mates the private landlords rip of the poor.
    Do forget Thatcher sold of our gas, trains, electricity, coal, steal works etc. The Tories to this day are still trying to down grade or scrape our NHS. Thatcher closed down our support for mentality ill hospitals and put the people in the community or worse on the streets.
    Thatcher destroyed community’s the steel towns, the mining towns she hated us northerners. The police were her own private army. And than the Tories used my taxes to bury her.
    Thanet is a mess 100% a 100% torie mess but it is the mess that people in thanet vote for. Lots of people in thanet enjoy living like this hence the tory stronghold.
    Thanet is getting richer just look at the house prices and the flash cars in thanet now.
    The big problem or not depending on who you vote for is the Tories slogan “rich get richer the poor get poorer” by being ripped off to support the Tories financial backers.
    Thanet is more divided than ever, when I was a kid most people area here were of the same standard of living, it was rare to see a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, jaguar, Maserati now common place. So thanet must have something going for it to be able to attract these people with plenty of money.

    Have I got the answer ? But i have never voted Tory. To me thanet is a shining example of a blue print for the Tory party. Big money coming in forcing out locals, going all middle class with the art, low paid jobs, a lack of social housing, high private rent. More and more homelessness.TDC again poorly run by highly paid people.

    Thanet just seems like a rudderless ship being blown by the latest fade but never really getting there.

    • The sell off of council housing all went to the tenants in those homes, the idea being it would give a greater sense of settled community with residents having greater attachment to their areas. But when those buyers eventually wanted to sell they found that other owner occupiers didn’t want to live in excouncil homes in the majority of cases and that landlords were the ones willing to buy.
      You can’t compare traditional social housing rents with current rents, older council stock was paid for long ago by the gov of the day and so there is no capital cost to repay. Housing associations that inherited ex council stock will often sell off homes that become vacant instead choosing to use the revenues to borrow against to build newer homes, look at the cost of these to rent. Social providers don’t pay VAT on a new build, any taxes and in councils even the staff pensions are covered by the council tax payer and not the tenants. None of that applies to the private rented sector. Then the social sector lets its property fall into disrepair until the tax payer then bails them out again, the decent homes standard cost the taxpayer 40 billion, the same is liikely to happen with the changeover to “green” heating.
      Two sides to every argument , one has a few more facts in it than blind political bias.

  29. The idea behind the introduction of the right to buy was that the grateful peasants would thereafter vote Tory instead of Labour.

    • My grandfather on my mothers side at every local or national election would always tell the conservative door knocker that he’d love to vote for them but struggled to get to a from the polling station, they’d happily arrange a car for him and ,as he always had, dutifully voted labour.
      Anyone changing their vote for favour , preference or money is a person beyond contempt and i very much doubt the “peasants” as you describe them , were so easily fooled. Those so able would have been foolish to have rejected the opportunity offered by RTB , i doubt it changed their political views,.
      It must also be noted that Labour didn’t end RTB, yet you never hear condemnation from the left for their failure to do so.

        • If so its a tiny proportion of the anti Maggie comments, its all very well criticising a policybut beyond hypocrotical not to have reversed it when the opportunity arose. As for buying votes what else were Gordon Browns benefits policies about? In his vain attempt to buy the 2010 general election.

      • Apropos LC’s last sentence, I have often heard Labour voters criticizing Labour for not getting rid of the right to buy.

      • Most of the people I knew when the right to buy was introduced were of the opinion that it was a blatant attempt to get Tory votes in areas where Labour was strongly supported.

        • But were the purchasers so easily fooled , or did they just vote as they always had just take up rtb as it was there. Wher as the actions of Dame Shirley Porter at Westminster were almost certainly taken to gain political advantage as have many of the irregularities in Tower Hamlets over the years.
          The biggest scandal in social housing is the inability of councils to know exactly who is in their properties and the amount of subletting that goes on. That there had to be offers of immigration amnesties after grenfell to help determine who’d been in the building is a sad indictment of councils control of their housing stock.

  30. These development are placed on top of the current (real) Aquifer where the rain soaks and filters through the soil and chalk. Chalk is an excellent filter and adds calcium and other minerals which are good for our bones. Unfortunately more houses means the pollution absorbing and cleansing rich top soil is scraped up and sold. Thanet sewage system is overloaded and leaking dirty water into the ground which is mixing with the drinking water that is drawn into the boreholes that we pay southern water to pump and the Environmental Agency to ignore the water protected catchment areas. Simply adding chlorine to kill microbes combines chlorine with organic chemicals resulting in many toxic poisons. Ammonia with chlorine produces chloramine which although used to disinfect public water in the USA. Chloramine is known for causing mouth cancers, and the dirty public Swimming pool smell. If we choose to use sea water with desalination using reverse osmoses, we add microplastics to our drinking water, which also cause cancer and hormone disruption. With global warming food production is going to be in short supply and we will be demolishing houses to find space for food production in the next 10-30 years

  31. Apropos the use of chlorine products in drinking water:
    “The World Health Organization has stated that “the risks to health from these by-products are extremely small in comparison with the risks associated with inadequate disinfection”. [Wikipedia]
    The biggest threat to our drinking water comes from agriculture. Both animal faeces (sheep, cows) and the chemicals used for insecticides and herbicides, and the nitrates and phosphates used as fertilizers.
    Fortunately, all these things are monitored, and action taken as appropriate.
    Get a filter jug!
    We all live on top of the aquifer- the whole of Thanet is underlain by chalk.

    • As an off topic anecdote , the well dug for the original water supply to the laundry in “Laundry Road” when the water was analysed had mineral content that suggests some of the water originated up in the midlands. The owner at the time was told that they should consider bottling it as it had a quite unique mineral makeup. But this was quite a few years back and before bottled water was a thing, “probably a missed opportunity “ the owner remarked many years later.

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