Poetry and Poppies Remembrance activity at St Laurence-in-Thanet Junior Academy

Poetry and Poppies workshop at St Laurence

As part of Remembrance Week celebrations, St Laurence-in-Thanet Junior Academy, Ramsgate, took part in special drama workshops  led by  company West End in Schools.

Taking inspiration from World War One poems, Years 3 to 6 all participated in turn in the Poetry and Poppies workshop where they learnt about what life was like in the trenches, how people would have been enlisted to fight and the sad sacrifices that many people made fighting for their country. Marching and reciting poetry together, the children could really empathise with “Billy” the soldier featured in the poems. Led by Kat, they learnt all about propaganda and the realities of what awaited the men on the front line.

Dr Goldsmith (English Lead), who organised the event, said: “We were really keen for the children to participate in something a bit different this year as part of our Remembrance Day activities – it was so lovely to watch the children joining in with enthusiasm and excitement whilst also showing respect for what real people underwent on behalf of their country. It really brought the experience to life for them.”

It was the perfect preparation for the school’s visit to their local church to carry on the Remembrance Day celebrations today (November 11), led by Reverend Andrew.