Talented 14-year-old from St Peter’s selected for England under 17 Volleyball squad.

Talented Stuart Perry Straightline Photography

A talented 14-year-old from St Peter’s has been selected for the England under 17 Volleyball squad.

Dane Court student Stuart Perry will represent England at completions both at home and overseas.

The Invicta Volleyball Club member is now hoping for sponsorship to help him with costs for training, travel and kit.

Mum Sandra said: “Stuart is aiming to play volleyball professionally and is keen to train as a sports physiotherapist. Lockdown was extremely difficult for him but he continued to train in any way he could and competed on the UK beach tour this summer achieving bronze, silver and gold medals with his partner Shem Lejarde.

“The training camps and competitions are very high and he is looking for funding/grants/sponsorship to help

“His training is in Kettering so there is lots of driving and hotels on top but he’s so dedicated and passionate, we can’t not support him.”

Stuart was one of the players selected by Volleyball England following open trials last month.

Photo by Straightline Photography

Training for the new squads begins on November 13-14 at their first camp together. The teams will begin to bond and learn how they play best as a unit. Their first competition is scheduled for December.

Sandra can be contacted on [email protected]