Man dies from his injuries following three vehicle crash in Cliftonville

The road was closed Photo Roy Foord

A man has died of injuries suffered in a three vehicle crash in Cliftonville yesterday (November 8).

The crash happened in Northdown Road, at the junction with Leicester Avenue, at 2.45pm and was cordoned off while police and paramedics attended.

The air ambulance was also called in although the injured man was taken to hospital by road.

Kent Police confirmed the man died from his injuries.

A spokesperson said: “A man sustained injuries and was taken to hospital where he died a short time later. A report is being prepared for the coroner.”


    • It’s a little unfair to make that comment, as there is no evidence (published), as to the cause of the accident.

      There are so many possible causes.

      • No but she has a point. People’s driving in the past year or 2 has got noticeably worse and less patient. Its a worry when you see how people are driving

        • Hi Deno, I totally agree we what you say, there are some absolutely crazy drivers on the road. But, we don’t know the cause of this accident, it could have been medical, it could have been speed, it could have been swerving to avoid a cat, another car, or even a pedestrian.

          Unknown at the present time.

        • I totally agree . You’ve only got to live in Acol now to see what a racetrack it’s become .
          It was peaceful during lockdown but dramatically changed once lockdown was lifted .
          It’s nothing short of a miracle that there hasn’t been a major accident in Acol incl the loss of life .
          Surely the local police are aware of this but I can tell you that they are rarely seen in Acol apart from bombing through the village at all times of day and night including the early hours with their sirens on .
          Btw . The Acol village PCSO never turns up at the Parish council meetings but just sends her apologies for yet another “ No show “.
          This just isn’t good enough from our local police constantly.

  1. thanks deno
    if people observed the highway code , road conditions , and drove within the law it would be a safer place for everyone.

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