Community groups invited to apply for Wellbeing Community Fund grants

Funding for community groups

One-off grants are on offer for grassroots community groups.

Social Enterprise Kent manages the Wellbeing Community Fund which is for community groups who offer services and activities that enhance people’s health and wellbeing.

The total amount of funding that can be applied for is up to £10,000 and this is available across Thanet and the South Kent coast.

The fund can also be used for one off events that are designed to tackle isolation, loneliness, increase wellbeing and much more.

Jack Packman, from SEK, said: “This winter we are about to face many issues that COVID-19 has caused as well as the normal winter pressures. If you are interested in the funding either through the £10K application or the one off grants for an event book your place on our online events. Once booked participants will receive the teams link the morning of the teams session.

“The sessions are designed the learn more about what can be funded and if your eligible to be funded. It will also give a good understanding of the process and the application form.”

Book here: 

Wellbeing Funding Online Event Tickets, Thu 11 Nov 2021 at 13:00 | Eventbrite

Wellbeing Funding Online Event Tickets, Tue 16 Nov 2021 at 13:00 | Eventbrite


  1. Nowhere in this article does it mention that this money comes from Kent County Council, meaning this money that is being handed out is coming directly from council tax payers.

    Whilst roads continue to deteriorate, public facilities crumble, social care remains in freefall and council tax keeps rising, just know that KCC have handed this money to another organisaion, in this case Social Enterprise Kent, who are taking a tidy top slice to pay their management team, staff and other overheads and are then divvying up the rest to more of the usual spurious local pet projects with no proven benefit to the wider community. All at the expense of the essential services for genuinely needy people that have been slowly and surely cut over recent years.


  2. It’s always the same when funding is made available. Hardly ever do the needy groups get a look in. Mates of mates in business !!

    • It’s even better here… We, the taxpayers, pay our council tax to TDC, who give a large percentage of it to KCC. We then pay KCC, through that tax, to manage our money effectively and for our benefit. KCC then can’t be bothered to do that, so they contract the likes of SEK to distribute the funding with no real independent scrutiny, skills or expertise. SEK take a nice hefty top slice and share out the rest amongst pet projects and nonsense, all the while the truly vulnerable are left wanting. It’s a scandalous abuse of taxpayers’ money.

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