By-Election for Thanet Villages


A By-Election is being held on Thursday (November 11) for the position of a District Councillor for the Thanet Villages.

The seat became vacant following the resignation of Green councillor Trevor Roper after his move to France.

There are three candidates standing:

Jeremy de Rose (Liberal Democrats),

Abi Smith (Green)

Guy Wilson (Conservative).

Polling Stations are open from 7am to 10pm and are at:

Acol Village Hall

Manston Village Hall

Minster Village Hall

Monkton Village Hall

The Wansum Room at The Crown Inn, Sarre

St-Nicholas-at-Wade Village Hall


  1. Do NOT vote conservative their party are going to close the stroke unit at QEQM. By NOT voting for Conservatives you are sending them the only thing they understand about protesting for putting you and members of your family at risk of dying or being severely disabled by closing the Stroke unit at QEQM and moving the unit to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford over an Hour away.
    Please share this information.

  2. Good luck Abi. Hope you’re soon elected to continue Trevor’s good work in the Villages and for Thanet. It has been a pleasure getting to know you during the campaign, so I know your values and discernment will make a positive difference to electors.

  3. Thank you to Peter and all who have wished me luck – and thanks also to the Thanet Green Party team for an amazing campaign. Of course I support the earlier comment – but I would add that anyone who does NOT vote could be allowing the Conservative Party to carry the election by default. It’s important that we retain at least one independent voice on this side of Thanet. We need to push back against the decisions that are made in our name. I hope to see many of you out at the polling stations on Thursday!

  4. Best of luck on Thursday Abi. The Villages need a steadying , green, voice in council allay more cuts to hospital services and a district council seemingly intent on building high cost homes on farm land .

  5. Go Greens! Here’s hoping for a Green victory in the villages, the Green Councillors seem to me to be the only ones sticking up for decency and transparency on a routine basis, whilst also really getting stuck in when it comes to getting involved in their communities. We could do with a bit more balance in TDC.

  6. Dam, going to miss the election, we’re in France and won’t be back in time, is there any way we can vote online, this will be the first we’ve ever missed a vote 😫

    • Sadly, our electoral system is not quite up to that level of sophistication 😐
      You could have done a postal vote, but that deadline is past too. Whatever your voting preference, we shall be counting on you for 2023. Enjoy your holiday!

  7. I totally agree that TDC are crying out for integrity and balance. I believe Jeremy from the Liberal Democrats is the one for the job. He has total committment to the area and will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to a desperate council.

    • I’m in Minster and saw your election leaflet. It is rather nasty towards our previous Green Cllr and quite misleading.
      I looked at your candidate’s profile and find the only commitment to local campaigning is as a Director for various businesses! He doesn’t seem to have done anything in our Villages for the community. You’d have thought his leaflet would stress all his local campaign work rather than misleading voters with offensive material about other candidates.

  8. Me and my Siamese cat Tilly will simply move to wherever area provides the best amenities, best run hospital trusts, and lowest lifespan than have a Labour government of profligate spenders and self serving shysters, because that would be the outcome of not voting conservative.

  9. The Villages are crying out for a Councillor who will fight for them and their needs. What are their needs? Thanet Green Party surveyed residents over the Summer. This showed what responders were worried about.
    Have other parties bothered to find out what people in the Villages want, no they haven’t.
    Following the Survey Thanet Greens have been out talking to residents at their homes, in the streets and at community events. The candidate, Abi Smith, has been integral to this reaching out.
    The Kent Council elections earlier this year saw the combined LibDem vote as 830. The Lab vote was 1606. The Greens got 2554.
    With two exisitng Conservative Cllr’s the Villages have the opportunity to elect a Green to replace the Green they had. The vote tally in May shows Abi Smith as the opposition candidate most likely to win. If Labour and LibDem voters also choose Abi she will win.
    Look at the YouTube vidoe of the Thanet Council meeting where the Auditors presented their report, damning the behaviour of TDC’s senior Officers as well as the lack of action by Cllr’s to address this over many years. Who spoke out at this crucial meeting? Odd to see but very few Cllr’s said anything at all. But all three Green Cllr’s spoke out forcefully, even when others spoke over them.
    We need change at the Council and Abi, if elected, will join three colleagues who have a great record of doing what other Party’s are unable or unwilling to do.
    Abi will also continue the brilliant record of representing all the residents across the Villages that Green Cllr Trevor Roper began.

  10. The Greens are the only party who stand for election on a particular ticket and then see it through after they get elected. Very good constituent councillors in Ramsgate and very responsive to queries.

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