Rescheduled Cliftonville Farmers’ Market to take place tomorrow

Cliftonville Farmers' Market Photo Frank Leppard

A rescheduled Cliftonville Farmers’ Market will take place tomorrow (November 7).

The market was due to run last weekend but was cancelled due to bad weather.

It is rescheduled for tomorrow, taking place on the Walpole Bay Lawns, at the back of the Walpole Bay Hotel, from 10am -1pm.

Access is either from Fifth Avenue or Palm Bay Avenue.

There are currently 17 stalls booked selling, wild game, meat, local veg,

olives, oils, sun dried tomatoes, Italian bakes, Kentish cheeses, vegan, Russian, fermented food, eggs, Kentish saffron, nut butters, foraged fruit cordials, dog treats, Cypriot/Turkish bakes, bread, coffee, Dutch cheeses, duck eggs, plants and eco goods.


  1. As a stallholder (stour valley game and butchers) we would like to thank CRA for rescheduling the market tomorrow and supporting small businesses. We was hit hard in August when Grass cancelled the monthly market. Here’s to many more in our new home

    • Look forward to buying from you today.
      Good luck to the organisers on your new site. The market is and has always been a great asset to Cliftonville in the last 20 years.
      Well done to you all!

  2. A huge thank you to all who came today. With only a few days notice to get the market up and running, I was absolutely amazed at how many people came.
    Some of the stallholders ‘sold out’ and we have to thank our two stallholders Emma & Daran who run our social media sites.
    It is the first time in 20 years, that we have rescheduled a market.
    The CRA wanted to hold it because the stallholders lost their August trading, because of the cancellation by GRASS.
    It is going to take time for us to work out the very best lay out for the stalls, but we will get there. It is a new challenge and we have had many since July 9th.
    The last two markets of the year will be held on Sunday November 28th and Sunday December 19th, 2021.
    Look forward to seeing you then.

    • Couldn’t agree more June, it was so busy today, more than made up for last Sunday’s cancelled market. Here’s to many more on the Walpole bay Lawns. See you on the 28th x

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