Ramsgate salon owner turns his hand to art and sells painting for undisclosed sum

Marcello painted his own artworks for the salon and has created quite a stir

A Ramsgate hair salon boss who turned his hand to painting when he could not find suitable artworks for his refurbished premises has sold one piece for an undisclosed amount.

Dad-of-two Marcello Marino, who has run his salon for more than 30 years, wanted to hang some paintings in the premises but was stumped when trying to find something he liked – so decided to take up the brushes himself.

The 52-year-old, who took his skills onto Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 and has appeared on several reality shows including Come Dine With Me, said: “I did my shop up a few months ago and kept looking for art to match the décor but couldn’t find anything.

“One of my customers is an artist and so I asked her to teach me to paint. I went to her house and she said about mixing things but I just wanted to get on and do it so she first gave me chalks. I was drawing and then painting and she was quite impressed.

“I have three on the walls and an additional 4-5. The customers said they liked them. I know everyone has different tastes but I did it really for myself and for my salon.

“Lots of people have asked if they are for sale and I have said not really but one person, an author, said he wanted the painting (red circular image) because he had a new house and wants to put it on his landing.”

Marcello said he has been sworn to secrecy over the ‘special’ amount paid.

Another of the paintings is a nude which has raised some questions among clients.

Marcello said: “Everyone has been asking if it is of my wife but I have not answered that! It is very tasteful”

The third salon painting is of a stiletto although Marcello says people see different things when they look at it.

Marcello, who often raises money for charities such as Thanet Winter Shelter and Oasis Domestic Abuse Service with haircuts by donation at events including Addington Street Fair, says he will be continuing with his new hobby.


  1. i think this gentleman is a meglomanic , he dont know what to do next to get his face in the media . also did he train at the tracey emin school of art ?

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