Woman assaulted in Margate by couple who had shared her cab

Image Kent Police

A woman was taken to hospital after being assaulted in Margate by two people who it is believed she had allowed to share her cab.

Kent Police was called at around 11.30pm on Saturday ( October 30) and attended Old School Gardens where the woman was found with injuries and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The woman, who is now home but is still bruised, had shared the ride from a cab office in Margate with a man and a woman, thought to be in their 40s. They were not known to the victim.

Kent Police say enquiries are ongoing.

Anyone with information regarding the assault should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/220102/21.


  1. and all i read on here is what a wonderful area we live in – when will people wake up to true facts of life in thanet

    • I agree! Parts of Thanet are beautiful, BUT – and it’s a big BUT – No decent infrastructure for the amount of cars on our roads. Low employment. High deprivation. A mis-managed, poverty-stricken TDC, seemingly run by senior officers, blocking our elected councillors’ wishes. Just look at the mess surrounding Pleasurama, Dreamland, Ramsgate Harbour and the Port. Neglect of maintaining assets, like rented housing and the Lido, costing far more in the end.

  2. TDC are money grabbing ba**ards. They are out for themselves. They don’t care about the local area. If they did,the money spent on the Turner Centre,would have been spent on housing,support for local people,local transport,etc. Margate used to be THE place to come to. Now it’s a place people run from. I’ve lived here 25 years,and I have seen the demise of Margate. It’s a bucket and spade town,so why put all the arty farty stuff here??

    • Except the arts community bring millions into Thanet through projects, grants, tourism incentives and festivals.

      But sure, let’s just stick to arcades and addicts.

      • TDC made the decision to gentrify Margate by supporting the Turner Contemporary. It is based on a tried and tested economic model. However, it only ever succeeds in gentrifying an area and the art-washing does nothing for the majority of the poor who live here, who by the way are being priced out of accommodation. Most of the millions come via the poor who do the Lottery out of desperation. Every arts grant is money taken from health, education, housing and the rest. It sates the middle-classes notion of civilisation. Engaging young people in arts education in schools as an integrated part of their creative development is crucial. The underfunding of state schools in this respect is diabolical.

  3. Thanet is a Tory stronghold and represents everything the Tories stand for. Thanet is a shining example of thatcherism, look after number one by any means. Thanets moto should be the same as the Tories ” rich get richer, the poor get poorer”.

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