Man taken to hospital following crash in Cliftonville

Crash in Devonshire Gardens Photo Luke Tappy

A man has been taken to hospital following a crash in Cliftonville today (November 1).

The car ended up on its side in Devonshire gardens after colliding with a parked vehicle.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police received a report that a car had been involved in a collision with a parked vehicle at 11.23am.

“Officers, along with colleagues from the South East Coast Ambulance Service and Kent Fire and Rescue Service, attended the scene in Devonshire Gardens near the junction with Lonsdale Avenue, Margate.  A man was taken to hospital.”

A South East Coast Ambulance Service spokesperson added: “We attended the scene following reports of a collision at approximately 11.25am today. One person was assessed and treated before being taken to QEQM Hospital.”

The road was clear by 12.40pm.


    • It’s a common problem these days, the amount of parked cars that fo this is getting ridiculous!!

      Nothing to do with them not paying attention or using a phone.

      Hope they arrested the parked car for causing an accident!

  1. This was only a matter of time. As a resident of Devonshire Gardens, we are left speechless with the speed cars fly up and down the road, day and night. Hopefully now KCC will believe us and put in appropriate measures to prevent anything serious happening.

    • You need to email your KCC cllr to see if anything can be done after crash data is looked at.
      Yes agree some motorists do speed up your rd

      • Thanks GT. We campaigned to have a speed test fitted on the street by KCC which was removed a couple of weeks ago. I emailed Lesley Game at KCC today asking for the results in the wake of this mornings accident. Hopefully they’ll now realise that something really does need to be done.

    • I doubt KCC will do anything about it as it will be down to driver error not the layout of the road. They always find an excuse not to improve the roads and there are plenty of much worse roads in Thanet, that’s for sure.
      I could have been down to a medical issue with the driver as this is one of the wider roads and a parked car shouldn’t be a fault unless badly parked.

    • Not a chance.KCC say someone has to be killed before they consider traffic control measures.
      I tried for the Northdown Road bit opposite Aldis which is used by dumb boy racers 24/7 but the response was the same.

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