Margate shop owner’s bid to give Christmas Eve boxes to 25 struggling Thanet families

Deborah will make 25 Christmas Eve boxes for Thanet families

A Margate shop owner is appealing for donations so she can create Christmas Eve boxes for 25 families in need.

Deborah Ellis, the owner of Madam Popoff vintage clothing shop in the Old Town, says she wants to be able to share some Christmas magic with others who may be struggling.

She is appealing for donations that she can raffle or auction to raise funds to buy pyjamas and other small gifts, or for donations of items to put in the boxes such as Christmas mugs, colouring books, gingerbread house making kits, fluffy socks, biscuits, Christmas story books and more.

She also needs 25 crates and has an Amazon gift wish list.

Deborah said: “To me, Christmas Eve has always been a little bit magical, and it’s not fair that some kids have to go without because of poverty, especially in this day and age. I want these families to have a lovely evening with new pyjamas for the kids, hot chocolate in Christmas mugs, a nice Christmas smelling candle, Christmas activity books and colouring in, reindeer food and as many treats that I can raise money for!

“I brought my son up alone, yet I was lucky I had a council place and didn’t have to worry about being homeless or that my son would go without presents but loads of families really are struggling and Thanet has one of the highest rates of poverty.”

Deborah will be holding an instore fundraiser this month.

Find the gofundme here

Find the Amazon wish list here


  1. No Christmas smelling candle … What a middle class problem..I expect the poverty stricken will be crying out for that and hoping Santa doesn’t smash the Avacados coming down chimney… Oh hang on they are supposed to be smashed.
    How did the hipster burn their tongue… They didn’t wait for the flat white to get COOL…..

    • Why shouldn’t people on the poverty line have something a bit lovely for Christmas? I’m not a hipster, I’m a single mum of an adult child who has worked her tits off to get my business successful with no help from anyone and I lived in a tower block on benefits so understand how hard it is . Should I just put in sawdust and own brand biscuits in the box then? The candles will add a nice touch to the box for the mum to enjoy and make the house smell Christmassy.

      • Dont pay attention to the keyboard warriors out there.

        I’ll have a good look round my place of work and see what I can get together.

    • Got nothing nice to say ? Then shut up. What a sad individual you are ! Isn’t there enough misery in the news these days, so now you’ve made yourself look a complete fool, move on to your next victim, you obviously have a very sad, lonely life. When was the last time you were actually kind ? I am truly sorry for you.

  2. Someone trying to make Christmas just that little bit better and still they get slaughtered by an idiot!.

    Hope you’re going to do so much more to help those that need a bit of happiness at Christmas or are you just going to hide behind your keyboard?.

      • What an odd perspective to have! It’s not about taking any credit, it’s a local news story written by a journalist to raise awareness so that people donate to a great initiative. How else could it happen? I doubt it’s an easy thing to pull together.

      • Sad comment to make ! What is wrong with people these days ! What are you doing to help the less fortunate Phyllis ? Let me guess………nothing !

  3. No need to ridicule someone who is trying to help ! One of the greatest casualties of the 21st century is that kindness seems to have disappeared from society. Instead of posting stupid comments, how about considering your less fortunate neighbour or……going down to your level, just SHUT UP ! Nobody wants to hear your views that are negative and nasty. What a sad life you must have. Now then people, lets get behind this lady and her brilliant idea, let’s spread a little kindness and help out !

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