Olby’s in Margate to host first of Manchester-by-sea themed gigs planned for Thanet venues

The Joneses

The start of Manchester by the Sea themed gigs kicks off in November with two stellar tribute bands – Slide Oasis and The Joneses –  heading to Olby’s  in Margate.

Manchester by the Sea brings the 80s and 90s Manchester music scene to the Margate music venue following 18 months of lockdown misery.

The gig is the first of a number of Manchester band tributes events being planned. The first event of tributes to The Smiths & Oasis from Slide Oasis and the Joneses will have two sets full of Mancunian bangers and belters. The live music will be followed by an Indie after-party. Local DJs Richie and Zeke will host the Indie club night from 11.30 through to the small hours.

Slide Oasis

Olbys Soul Café  recently launched its Creative Hub and has nurtured and supported many entertainers, artists and performers, providing an adaptable medium sized music venue and performance space.

The Joneses were given their first opportunity to gig at Olbys by Eli Thompson, the director of Olbys Creative Hub, in 2017. This first gig provided a much-needed foundation for the Joneses to grow their confidence and test out their renditions of the cult band the Smiths songs.

The Joneses band member Aidan Sheridan said: “We have been working with Eli for over 4 years, and have slowly developed the band in those years to what we now believe is one of the best Smiths and Morrissey tributes in the UK. Much of the journey has been supported by Eli as both a mentor and a business colleague.

“As our relationship developed with Olby’s we reached a point where we began discussing ways to improve the live experience at the club. The ‘Manchester by the sea’ theme is the first outcome of these discussions.

“The Joneses are also working with a range of other venues in Thanet: including: The Churchill Tavern, The Tom Thumb Theatre and the Fez. We see our gigs as adding to the regeneration of the Margate and Thanet, bringing entertaining content to the area. We have attracted Smiths fans to the area from London and a range of other areas of South and South East England.

“We have been collaborating with DJs from our first gig at Olby’s. The Manchester by the sea event continues this activity, as we include an Indie Disco after the live bands. The Indie Disco is being delivered by local DJs; Zeke Lownds and Jason Richardson.

“The Manchester by the sea theme will be developing over the coming months, as we build new relationships with other tributes of successful Manchester Indie 80s bands. We think these events will bring a sense of fun to the live scene at Margate; offering low-cost tickets to bands playing the music of UK greats.”

Where and When

The event is on Saturday 13th November. Doors will be at 7pm with the first set starting at 8pm.


Olby’s Soul Café 3-5 King Street, Margate CT9 1DD

Tickets cost £10 from:  https://olbyscreativehub.co.uk/event/oasis-v-the-smiths/


  1. Looking forward to getting stone again and dancing all night with a beer in my hand and my old bucket hat !! Baggy jeans and a parka. Oh and hopefully pissing down when you leave in the morning lol.

    What a fantastic music scene it was in the 80’s and 90′. Just need some Joy Division 😉

    Fish n chips cooked in lard, no skin on the fish, proper mushy peas and gravy. Decent beer and a decent price.
    Looking forward to it.

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