Fire service team rescue cat stuck on Ramsgate Tunnels ledge

Security worker Lewis Middleton with the rescued moggy

Fire crews, the RSPCA and security staff at the Royal Sands development on Ramsgate seafront were all part of a pawsome cat rescue team today (October 23).

The security team raised the alarm just before 11.30am after spotting the cat stranded on a ledge top above the Ramsgate Tunnels.

RSPCA had to call in the fire service who used a height vehicle and rescue units to reach the animal.

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to reports that a pet cat had become stuck on a ledge in the Railway Tunnels, Marina Esplanade in Ramsgate.

“Crews were alerted to the cat by the RSPCA – who couldn’t reach the cat due it being 18 metres high on the ledge. KFRS will always respond to rescue an animal where there is a risk to the life of people involved.

“The height vehicle was sent to the scene along with the fire service Line Rescue team. The team abseiled down the ledge to rescue the cat, which was then handed to the RSPCA.”

Fire crews left the scene at 2pm.


  1. Well done to all who helped in this rescue,I hope the cat is well and back home with the family,a really nice story for a change 😁😁😊😉

  2. Thank you so much to everybody who helped saving my cat simba he went missing we could not find him no where we can’t wait for simba to be back with us we been so worried about him

  3. Was it necessary to turn up on blue lights and siren , causing drivers to take action to get out of the way . This could of caused an accident

  4. This is Jinks and he is being returned to his owners today! He was missing since the 8th October and his family are over the moon

  5. thats one very expensive cat , not to mention the risk to the fire service , and the fact of all that equipment tied up for hours when it might have been needed for a real rescue ? i hope the owners get the bill .

    • The RSPCA called the fire brigade out as there is a a greater risk of someone trying to rescue the animal. Normal procedure and the owners offered to pay!

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