Miniature poodle missing for more than a month thought to be living by Margate railway track

Teddy has been spotted by the rail tracks

A miniature poodle who bolted while being walked in a Broadstairs park over a month ago is thought to be living alongside the rail line in Margate.

A dog walker took Teddy to Broadstairs Memorial Rec on September 13 when he ran off. He was spotted on several occasions near Broadstairs and Dumpton stations last month but then the trail went cold.

However, last week owner Louise Harrop received a call from Thanet’s Mobile Operations Manager to say: “a black poodle like dog that looks like it’s be living in the wild for a while was running about on the tracks near Margate Station.”

Laura Sullivan, from the Missing Dogs and Stray in Thanet facebook group, said: “We have got things in place hoping to lure him off the tracks by giving access to regular food sources and if we get him on camera a trap will be set up.”

People are being asked to keep an eye out for Teddy along the track route in Margate.

People who spot Teddy are asked not to call or attempt to grab him but to report the sighting by calling 07921 170 698 or message the Missing Dogs and Strays Thanet page on facebook.


    • Feel sorry for the dog Walker, hope they are insured. Just goes to show, if you don’t have time to walk your own dog, don’t get one.

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