Learning about French food and culture for Laleham Gap students

Rainbow crepes at Laleham Gap

Laleham Gap School students and staff have taken part in a French Culture and Community Day.  Culture and Community Days were introduced by teacher Helen Schroepfer to encourage all pupils to be respectful global citizens as well as celebrating the diversity within the community.

On French Day, all pupils from age 4 Jaguars class to the Post-16 class enjoyed a break from traditional timetables to enjoy an immersive cross-curricular look at French language, food, sport, architecture and customs.

‘Learning for Life’ staff Helen Schroepfer and Lauren Lambert coordinated the event and organised virtual interviews with a French family, a pop-up creperie with ‘Rainbow Crepes’ and interactive quizzes, competitions and lessons about French culture.

PE Leads Ellie Brock and Dan Blythe supported with fun and educational activities for staff and pupils to experience boules, tennis and football while learning about Tour de France and some of France’s greatest sport stars and competitions.

The theme was also reflected in the school lunch meal by Sharon Campini and the Food Technology department (Kay Johnson and Eirwen Aherne) who created a mini French market for pupils to sample the quintessential French shopping experience with delicious sweet and savoury patisserie and boulangerie products.

Art Specialist and primary teacher Alice Carey used her personal experience visiting Montmartre to create an accessible workshop for all classes to try and Primary Resource Manager Natalie Hewitt-Zarb ran her own patisserie for the day where the pupils could decorate their own fresh cakes and cake boxes.

Headteacher Les Milton reflected in assembly that it was the best day he could remember in his five years at the school.

After the challenges and division caused by Covid-19, everyone’s spirits were lifted to come together through learning, play and food and be a united school community encore une fois.

Ms Schroepfer said: ‘With the school, and everyone in it, dressed in French colours, tummies indulged with delicious food, smiling faces and the sun was shining, it felt like the micro holiday staff and pupils deserved.  Despite all the turmoil of the last 18 months, we came together and were reminded: La vie est belle!”


  1. My son loved it! My daughter was off with a winter bug but said she would like to join in next year.
    Well done to everyone who organised this and made it happen.

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