Ramsgate dealer among those jailed in September after County Lines and Gangs Team investigations

Scott White has been jailed following the police raid

Sentences totalling more than 19 years were handed out to drug dealers investigated by officers from the County Lines and Gangs Team in September.

The team also made 29 arrests, had 45 charges authorised and seized £5,145 in cash.

Among those jailed is a man who attempted to evade arrest by throwing drugs out of the window when police arrived to carry out a search warrant.

Scott White, 28, of Margate Road, Ramsgate, heard officers forcing the door to his home in the early hours of 15 September 2020 and was seen to throw several items out of the window. A search was conducted and officers found crack cocaine and heroin. Weighing scales and two burner phones linked to county lines drug dealing were also seized.

White appeared before Canterbury Crown Court on 10 September 2021 where he admitted possession of crack cocaine and heroin with intent to supply. He was jailed for two years.

Detective Superintendent Shaun White said: “Tackling county lines remains a priority for Kent Police. In addition to the warrants, drugs seizures and arrests carried out we continue to work with our neighbouring forces to share intelligence and significantly disrupt the drug supply network.

“We remain committed to putting these people, who prey on some of the most vulnerable people in our society, behind bars. When people attempt to fill the void by the dealers who end up in prison, we will come for them too. Our message is simple, if you come to Kent to deal in illegal drugs, expect to be arrested and put before the courts.”


  1. The police would do well to keep an eye on Ramsgate cemetery coming and goings. When I’ve been there to visit there seems to be an usual amount of young men mainly having brief meets then going out sometimes in the week at other times at the weekend – transactions are taking place of some sort I guess it’s drugs.

  2. Another non-entity, flunky captured-by the looks of him with his own addiction issues-like the picture of a woman on another local news website from another part of Kent, but no doubt he like her was replaced within 24 hours.

    Until drugs are made legal & taxed, or you take out the Mr Big’s running the operations this will continue. The response from the senior officer says everything-all they can do is disrupt the supply in a negligible way & do their best to arrest the bottom feeders-makes for good headlines about being tough on crime, but the reality is very different.

  3. There wouldn’t be a issue if drugs were legalized and controlled also help given to people with addictions it works in other countries also the crime rate would go down as well

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