Brazilian military ship at anchorage off Walpole Bay

NE Brasil off Walpole Bay Photo John Horton

A military ship sailing under the flag of Brazil  is at anchor off Walpole Bay.

The NE Brasil is listed as on military operations. NE Brasil (U-27) is a training ship of the Brazilian Navy and carries 442 midshipmen (officers in training) from the Brazilian Naval and Merchant Marine Academies.

The 424ft vessel  was built at a cost of $ 124.2 million and launched in September 1983. Armaments include cannons and rocket launchers. It is also equipped with a helipad and has previously carried a Westland Super Lynx

Once every two years Brasil makes a worldwide trip, commencing in Rio de Janeiro and going to ports in Lisbon, Hamburg and London.


  1. The sailing ship (brigantine) Eye of the Wind is also currently at anchor prior to visiting Cherbourg.

  2. Not more illegal immigrants. Man the life boats. RNLI will have a busy time going backwards and forwards to pick up swimmers who have jumped overboard.

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