Brazilian military ship at anchorage off Walpole Bay

NE Brasil off Walpole Bay Photo John Horton

A military ship sailing under the flag of Brazil  is at anchor off Walpole Bay.

The NE Brasil is listed as on military operations. NE Brasil (U-27) is a training ship of the Brazilian Navy and carries 442 midshipmen (officers in training) from the Brazilian Naval and Merchant Marine Academies.

The 424ft vessel  was built at a cost of $ 124.2 million and launched in September 1983. Armaments include cannons and rocket launchers. It is also equipped with a helipad and has previously carried a Westland Super Lynx

Once every two years Brasil makes a worldwide trip, commencing in Rio de Janeiro and going to ports in Lisbon, Hamburg and London.


  1. Not more illegal immigrants. Man the life boats. RNLI will have a busy time going backwards and forwards to pick up swimmers who have jumped overboard.

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