Cyclist flown to London hospital after collision in St Nicholas-at-Wade

Emergency services

A cyclist has been flown to a London hospital following a collision in St Nicholas-at-Wade this morning (October 4).

Kent Police was called to a report of a collision involving a car and a bicycle at around 9.30am.

A police spokesperson said: “Officers attended the scene in Canterbury Road, St Nicholas at Wade. A man sustained injuries and was flown to a London hospital via air ambulance.”

The road reopened at around 12.45pm.


  1. St Nicholas Roundabout is one of the most difficult roundabouts to negotiate. You cannot see what is coming from any direction you are on. How many more accidents must there be at this site before something is done. Would a traffic light system be better? It would slow ones journey but this would be better than the accidents that occur regularly. All the very best to the cyclist injured today.

      • Thank you, Kerry for putting me right. I must read articles more closely. However, It would be interesting to have an update on how many accidents do happen at the St Nicholas Roundabout site. We used to live in a property that looked across that area and there were not many days that blue lights were not flashing over there.
        Regards . D

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