Step it up for Recycling Week at St Laurence Junior Academy in Ramsgate

Recycling Week at St Laurence

The theme for this year’s Recycle Week at St Laurence Junior Academy in Ramsgate (September 20-26) was ‘Step it up’.

Recycle Week is an annual event designed to celebrate and promote the benefits of recycling. The children took part in a variety of activities across the school to do just that.

Recycling Week created a variety of opportunities for the children to learn about recycling and investigate why it is so important! Positive changes we make now will help protect the planet in years to come!

Children around the school could be found planting seeds, learning about recycling signs,what to look out for on food packaging, creating posters to encourage everyone not to litter and more. They also learnt about the negative side effects of littering and how it can affect local wildlife.

One child from Year 4 said: “We had pictures of the different recycling bins on the board, then we had to sort the items out into the correct recycling bins.”

Year 4 teacher Miss Cramp said@ “The children enjoyed this activity as it made them aware of how many different materials and items can actually be recycled.”

As part of a bigger initiative, children and parents were invited to donated any used stationery to send to children in countries around the world who cannot afford such items. The school collected any amazing amount of stationery and will be sending the package off to Pens for Kids UK.

Head of Geography, Sarah Mountjoy said: “It is really important to do our part, teaching children about recycling teaches them about sustainability and responsibility. Learning about the effect humans have on the planet, teaches our children to be global citizens and gives them an awareness of the impact we have on the environment.

“The activities we took part in across the week, while fun, help shape and create responsible adults who will have a better planet to live on.”