Man and pet bitten by escapee dogs in Cliftonville

Image Kent Police

Police and the council dog warden were called in after an incident in Cliftonville where a man and his dog were bitten by one of two dogs that had escaped from a nearby property.

Kent Police was called at 3.10pm yesterday (September 21) to the incident by the Walpole Bay Hotel in Fifth Avenue.

Members of the Walpole Bay Bowling Club assisted the man after hearing his calls for help .

A Kent Police spokesperson said: Officers attended the scene and it was established the victim and his dog were not seriously injured, but that two dogs were still loose without an owner.

“Enquiries were carried out with a dog warden to identify the animals and return them home.

“They were reported to have escaped from a local property and so the owner was given words of advice around keeping the dogs secure. Both parties agreed to resolve the matter without further police intervention.”

A Thanet council spokesperson added: ““The council’s dog warden was contacted by Kent Police yesterday (Tuesday 21 September) to check the microchips of two dogs involved in an incident outside the Walpole Bay Hotel.”


  1. its not the dogs fault its the owner – bla bla bla , – how many more times will we hear this nonsense ? this type of thing seems to be happening weekly around here , they should be rounded up and shot , then round the dogs up and shoot them as well.

    • So you think the dogs need shooting why ?? when it is humans cause the problems we have a lot to answer for not animals

  2. because regardless of who owns them , they are clearly a risk to life and limb , and the end of the day they are dogs no more no less , despite people talking about them as if they are little children !

    • It is the owners fault if they knew there dogs are like that then you would have taken steps to make sure they are securely either indoors or in the garden not the dogs fault the owner should have done this and trained the dogs people are at fault

      • I know of a couple with a young child, who have 4 huge muscular dogs descended from a cross between African Wild Dogs and Great Danes, that are permanently confined inside a 2 bed semi-detached bungalow, that are never exercised, and only allowed out in a garden which is full of junk, except for a 2 meter wide, by 10 meter long area for them to defecate in! They have escaped 3 times in the last 18 months, and the RSPCA and Police have done nothing to prosecute under the Animal Welfare Act! The RSPCA will not provide the police with evidence to prosecute, because its their policy not to! They are ignoring the Animal Welfare Act, because they can, as they are a charity, and not accountable to the public. Their official policy, and I have a letter confirming this, is to only take action in an emergency, or if an animal is likely to die! All other cases of animal ill treatment are being ignored!

        Last April a woman near Birmingham was savaged to death when 2 of her neighbours dogs escaped and attacked her. The dogs had been kept in a shed, and only allowed out to defecate in the garden, and had not been socialised! There has been several other cases locally where dogs have attacked a child, or another dog, in one case a child ended up with severe facial injuries! I know of no other law that depends on a charity to enforce it, but that is what is happening in Britain today! The Police should have their own trained animal inspectors capable of prosecuting ill treatment of animals, and upholding the Animal welfare Act!

    • so are people you going to shoot them as well real world, you nasty person obviously never had the unconditional love of a dog or any other animal that’s why your life is so sad, you are gun and shooting mad

  3. This was a prime reason to use the force of the law. A dangerously out of control dog biting the owner of another dog should have seen the prosecution of the dogs owner. It never happens in Thanet, why? Because the Chief Inspector doesn’t do anything about anything. She needs replacing with someone who will clamp down on all this soft policing. It is not doing any good for anyone, especially not the victims, but what does she care?

  4. They have resources, ask Chief Constable to explain why Thanet p.c. KILLED a dog by tazer that had slipped its collar at Margate Rail Station that shocked innocent bystanders who were appalled as dog was not biting or threatening but pc just panicked instead of getting help! They got RSPCA to view parts of the CCTV to get off the hook, to avoid further action for what was done by the useless idiotic cowardly PC. TYPICAL THIS LOT DID NIL AS USUAL FOR ENFORCEMENT AFTER 2 OUT OF CONTROL DOGS WITH ONE BITING BOTH A PERSON & DOG WHICH IS ALREADY AN ENFORCEABLE OFFENCE, INSTEAD PALM IT OFF ONTO THE INJURED OWNER WHO I TRUST RECEIVED MEDICAL ATTENTION AS WELL AS VET SEEING HIS DOG!Why does THANET GET 2nd rate policing and will they make their BODYCAM footage available immediately (before they lose it) to the injured person to take immediate LEGAL ADVICE AS WHAT POLICE MAY ASSESS AS NOT SERIOUS WOUNDS COULD HAVE CAUSED SEPSIS SINCE & no doubt while SHOCKED STATE police got him to agree to deal with the offending dogs owner- yeah right get out of doing anything as usual. IS THIS THE WAY VISITORS EXPECT THANET POLICE TO ACT?

  5. Real world, People like you who show zero empathy towards animals are usually borderline psychopaths. Pets are not merely animals they are family members to millions of people. Psychopaths like you need to be kept on a leash.

    • Concerned, I was an RSPCA Trustee, and along with many others resigned because of their incompetence some years ago! Dogs are only domesticated wild animals, and are descended from wolves, its in their DNA to attack anyone, or thing that they consider a threat! Its people that consider Dogs as part of the family, they are until they turn on a child, or another dog, and especially sheep! Every year dogs kill , and injure thousands of sheep and lambs, due to stupid owners allowing them to run free in the countryside, but they wouldn’t hurt a flea once indoors again would they!

      • exactly dumpton ,it is THE QWNERS who are at fault not the dog, my dogs are part of my family and you and others can mock as much as you like, if you have never had a dog you have no idea of the effect they can have on your life although I would not wish an animal of any sort on to someone like yourself or real world and many others on here because they would not deserve the misery you all immerse yourselves in

    • LC, the same can be said for parents of feral kids and criminals. Isn’t it time that the parents became accountable for their scum kids and are made to pay for the medical bills, policing costs, compensation to their victims and clean up costs caused by their scum kids ??????

  6. Phyllis, having read numerous posts of yours on this site it’s obvious that you have zero compassion for all animals. I would not feel safe leaving any animals in your care as your obvious hatred toward anything that’s not human is frightening, the same can be said for Marva Rees.

    It’s amazing how animal haters like yourself and Marva can justify your cruel hatred to animals but then defend vile scum, criminals and feral youths who commit violent crimes against people. Just like the poster real world, you too are borderline psycho.

    There are obviously bad pets but there are far more dangerous and violent humans . People who have zero empathy towards animals also tend to raise their children with the same hatred towards animals and spead yet more hatred.

    The discovery Chanel had the right attitude, animals are better than humans, especially humans who spread hatred such as yourselves.

  7. it pains me to say , i agree with everything you have said does seem you see the stupidity in talking to animals as if they are human.ive never seen any of them get a reply have you ?

    • I sincerely hope I never have the misfortune to meet Marva, Phyllis or real world as all three show a complete lack of empathy and compassion.

    • real world have you never heard someone say hello to a parrot and in reply get told to f…k off?animals are nowhere near as stupid or thick, as people believe in fact I sometimes think the reverse applies

  8. People often think the dog is never going to attack. But they often lose the fact that dogs will often attack what they perceived as as threat to food .

  9. Why are you called Bananaman, is it because your Banana’s? For your information I have presented evidence to Lord Benyon, who is at present piloting a new Animal Welfare (Sentience) Act though parliament. This bill will give animals the right to be treated humanely, because in most cases, especially domestic animals, they can feel emotions such as: Love, Happiness, Pleasure, Empathy, Affection, Caring, Enjoyment, Amusement, Contentment, make your own list!

    They can also feel: Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Loneliness, Sadness, Misery, (Sexual) Frustration, Jealousy, Anger, again make your own list! It is not a pre-requisit to own an animal to know that it can experience any of these emotions! So, Bananaman, and the rest of you, stop putting people down if they dare criticise anyone for placing animals above humans, because in the case of dogs, although they may feel these emotions, they are also one step away from becoming a wild animal, as they are territorial, and will attack another a dog, a child, or an adult, if they become emotionally disturbed!

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