Bomb disposal team take away suspected explosive and cordon removed from Margate streets

Police at the scene this evening Photo Jamie Horton

A suspected explosive discovered in a Margate property today (September 21) has been taken away by an Army bomb disposal team.

An area around Morrisons and the Infinity Fitness gym at College Square and surrounding streets in Margate Old Town up to Margate Caves was sealed off by police following the discovery of a suspected explosive at a property in King Street.

Businesses were told to shut and a number of residents in the King Street area were evacuated.

Photo Brenda Vidal

The item was this evening deemed safe by the bomb squad and the cordon was removed at 8.30pm.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “While carrying out enquiries today, Kent Police officers located an item suspected to be a possible explosive at an address in King Street, Margate.

“A cordon was put in place to ensure the scene was safe and a number of properties were evacuated. A Ministry of Defence bomb disposal team attended and deemed the item safe. They have taken it away for disposal.

Photo Rob Yates

“The cordon was lifted shortly before 8.30pm. A man has been arrested on suspicion of drugs offences and remains in custody.

“Officers would like to thank residents, businesses and the community for their patience and consideration while the matter was dealt with.”


  1. Did the Ministry Of Defence ACTUALLY take it away and dispose of it? Or did it end up undocumented in margate police’s terribly organised evidence….for lack of a better word.. ‘shed’…..for them to find at a later date and panic because they had no idea they had the devices in their possession, because things go in to the storage undocumented. I could go on, but it will turn in to a full on rant about them and I’d rather not do that here….But I promise you what I’m saying is straight fact.

    Just saying….think a few of them need to have a good hard look at themselves….

    What they portray to the public is not actually what goes on it seems….

    And by the way I’m speaking from first hand experience, that did actually happen, and they were shocked to discover that they still had the 2 completely safe and deactivated paperweight wartime memorabilia items in their lockup, despite the public being assured the ‘dangerous devices’ had been taken away by the M.O.D and disposed of accordingly and that the area was ‘now safe’

    Come on guys…….

    Just my two cents…..I hope everyone involved was OK and whoever was arrested gets themselves a good solicitor that can deal with misconduct….probably going to need it. The drugs offences I can’t comment on, if that was going on, then it was going on, but having seen what gross overuse of power is executed….they could have just had a small quantity of something for personal use that will now become a witch hunt of ‘ARMED AND DANGEROUS DRUG DEALER’…..

    Prepare for an unfair trial my friend…..

  2. I don’t mean to seem bleak Lou haha….I’ve just had enough of them screwing over the little people.

    Law applies to normal people, it should apply twofold to police but it unfortunately all just gets brushed under the carpet.

    I do hope the guy involved has a good outcome (depending obv on the proper circumstances) but I just know he’s in for a rough couple of months you know……

    Sorry to be a debby downer, it’s just the reality of it :/

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