Crews called to Margate bedroom fire


Fire crews were called to a bedroom fire in Margate last night (September 18) which is believed to have been caused by an overheated laptop,

Two fire engines were sent to the scene of the blaze in Barnes Avenue at 11.16pm.

Crews arrived to find the family safely outside the property. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used hose reel jets to put the fire out, which is believed to have started after an overheated laptop caught nearby bedding alight.

KFRS’ volunteer response team also attended to provide support to the family. There were no reported injuries. Following the incident, fire crews are reminding people to switch off and unplug electrical items such as laptops, phones and chargers when not in use, and to avoid leaving them on, or close to, bedding, cushions or other soft furnishings.

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  1. Everybody with a laptop should invest in a cooling pad for 15 or 20 quid-not only will it stop this, but also likely help with CPU load & speed things up.

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