Priory Infant pupil Daenerys smashes Summer reading challenge

Daenerys, from Priory Infant School, read more than 100 books

Six-year old Daenerys, from Priory Infant School, has amazed her teachers by reading more than 100 books during the annual summer reading challenge.

Head teacher Tracey Sandy said: “We always encourage our children to get excited about the Summer Reading Challenge, it’s such a great way to keep them learning during the holidays, and this year, after lockdown, it seemed even more important. Daenerys has gone above and beyond our wildest expectations. What a reading superstar she is – we are so proud of her.”

Her mum, Caroline, said: “Initially we set off to do the six-book goal but when she went into the library she was super-excited by how many books there were and that she could choose any book she wanted. 

“I showed her where the books she could read herself were and she was amazed at the choice. She’d read the six books within the first week and loved getting her medal and certificate.

“But we thought ‘now what?’ I said to her what is the biggest number you can think of and she said 100. I said, do you think we can read that many books? She really wanted to try. We were borrowing about 18 books each visit and reading four books every night.”

Daenerys said: “I love stories and there’s so many different ones. I really like picking my own books at school and the library. I am so happy that I can read all on my own now. I would say to everyone: come on read! What are you waiting for?”


  1. How is this news? Literally only her family would care about this. It’s not as if she has read the whole saga of Game of Thrones which I’m guessing she is named after – that would be a story, not this drivel.

    • Because this news shows how a young person can read. And it’s good for everyone to read. This is an achievement for such a young person to do. And proves others can do this.
      And she’s far to young to read GoT.
      Stop being a total tool.

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