Photos: Colourful fun for Ramsgate Carnival 2021

Ramsgate Carnival Photo Steven Collis

Sunshine, crowds and a Honey Monster could be found in Ramsgate today (September 12) with the return of the town carnival.

Floats moved off from Royal Esplanade and travelled through Paragon, Royal and Harbour Parade, Plains of Waterloo, King and Queen Streets, Westcliff Road, Grange Road and back to Royal Esplanade.

As well as carnival courts, a Medway Queen float and a  Morris/Steam Punk troop there was also the highly creative Making Waves float, featuring a replica sculpture of the iconic Pfizer Hands and Molecule sculpture on Ramsgate’s West Cliff, and highlighting both the joys of swimming in the sea and the threats to the environment of rising sea levels from climate change and pollution.

By working collaboratively the community groups behind Making Waves created a wonderful spectacle, without spending a penny on materials! Instigated by the group of Ramsgate sea swimmers behind the recent Swimmers Blanket and Swimzone installation on the High Street, it was supported by Ramsgate Town Council, Addington Street Community Group, Western Undercliff Regeneration Group, Ramsgate Litter Pickers, Ramsgate Arts,, Great British Carnival and Tales of Moon Lane children’s bookshop. Everything used to decorate the float was created from materials that were reused, recycled or litter picked in the local area.

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Carnival judges were so impressed that The Swimmers took top prize in the voluntary group category.

Scooping  three prizes, including best in carnival was the Stage Door Arts with Arts in Ramsgate float themed Birds of Paradise.

Photo Paul Trindall

Stage Door boss Heidi Moran said: “We collaborated with Arts in Ramsgate for our Birds of Paradise float – they ran a workshop making bird masks, shakers, bird and flower decorations with our children and their members.

Photo Paul Trindall

“The workshops were held Stage Door Arts Studios, and brought together the local community, with people of all ages and abilities coming together to create art and have fun.

“Our float had around 70 children involved all dressed as birds or in bright festival colours, plus the cast of Matilda joined in too. We placed 1st in youth group category 1st in commercial category and we came overall first in the whole carnival.”

Photo Paul Trindall

The afternoon also included music, stalls and prizegiving at Government Acre.

Winners list

Best in carnival – Stage Door Arts/Arts in Ramsgate

Playgroup/nursery/youth – Stage Door Arts/Arts in Ramsgate

Commercial – Stage Door Arts/Arts in Ramgate

Voluntary – West Cliff Swimmers

Decorated vehicle – Kent air ambulance

Fancy dress – Josh Hedges and friends

Best queen float – Witham

Best majorettes – Rainham

Best band – Section 5 drummers

Best queen tableau – Maldon

Best visiting queen’s court – Maldon

Spirit of carnival – Mr and Mrs Maine who have run the funfair at the carnival for 30 years


  1. Working so I missed it !!!!! Well done Ramsgate for a traditional non woke !!!!! community extravaganza. Home made fun at its best seeing the photos brought back wonderful nostalgic childhood memories.

  2. I think one of the duties of the Mayor is to lead civic and community events.
    I wasn’t aware that she was playing in a band, too.
    It’s great to think that even in these terrible covid times, townspeople can pull together.

  3. Great i love Ramsgate it’s traditional carnival it’s really so Annoying that negative twats make such horrible comments
    It’s not a waste of time or money it’s called community spirit and togetherness well done

    • Gobsmacked by the negative comments about what was a fun and happy community day. Generally the people who whinge about such things have never lifted a finger to help their community, so no point taking their criticism seriously

  4. All these sad pathetic people who have nothing better to do than complain, how about you support you’re local community instead of being a cause of its decline? Margate carnival didn’t even happen this year so how about people be grateful that Ramsgate even had one??

  5. Seeing people fight back against the continously bile filled hatred of everything has really cheered me up.
    People like Thanet Resident are typical right wing hate mongers, who bring nothing to our communities.
    The sooner twats like him peg it, the better Thanet will be.

  6. I personally thought it was a great day and fantastic to get people out and about again after what we have all gone through the last 18 months. Well done to Ramsgate council and everyone else who helped organise this day and for all those of you who are making negative comments, let’s all just be thankful that it wasn’t cancelled like a lot of other local carnivals.

  7. If you would like to take over the Carnival. Contact Ramsgate Carnival commit or miss Ramsgate association. You can find all details in Ramsgate magazine.

  8. I used to watch the Carnival every year when younger, and have also been on a Ramsgate float years ago. Now living O/S and there is nothing like this her in our township. I thought that a lot of effort from the participators should be recognised, as well as the money they collect for special local programmes. Keep going!

    Sue Gillis, from Australia

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