EKC Group gains £200k grant to deliver new Higher Technical Qualifications from 2022

Broadstairs College

EKC Group, which runs campuses including Broadstairs College, has been awarded £200,000 of government funding n preparation to deliver the new Higher Technical Qualifications at Levels 4 and 5 across East Kent from September 2022.

The grant comes from the Government’s £18 million Higher Technical Education Growth Fund and is aimed at meeting areas of skills shortages across the country.

The delivery of the new qualifications across EKC Group’s family of colleges in East Kent aims to support the economic recovery following the pandemic, ensuring that local businesses have the skills they require to thrive in the future.

The new qualifications are in key areas that the economy needs, such as digital, construction, and health and science.

Further areas will come forward in the coming years with each aligned to the new flagship T Level qualification. This is in line with the Government’s plans to grow the popularity of technical education and ensure young people are developing the skills they need to flourish in the jobs market.

Chief Executive Officer for EKC Group, Graham Razey, said: “It’s fantastic to receive this grant funding, which we can use to ensure our Group is well placed to deliver the training the communities we serve need to continue to grow and develop.

“The grant will allow us to meet the emerging national skill challenges we face, as well as take advantage of the transformative opportunities presented to our sector by a Government which is giving real prominence to technical and vocational pathways.”

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay, added: “I am delighted EKC Group’s proposal has been successful in securing funds from the Government’s £18m Higher Technical Education Growth Fund.

“The fund will support providers to build capacity to grow high quality provision and raise the prestige of approved Higher Technical Qualifications amongst learners and employers. I warmly welcome this step and will continue to support Graham Razey and colleagues in any way I can going forward.”

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  1. £200,000 will not meet the salaries of the new Head and Deputy Head of department.

    Better turn to RSP, who are going to launch a Manston Skills and Employment Bord. They’ve got £8,000,000 from the government, most of which hasn’t been spent on community centred projects.

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