Total refurbishment needed for Grade II listed Ramsgate council home going to auction with £110k guide price

The Grade II listed home needs a complete overhaul

A Grade II listed council property in Ramsgate is up for auction with a guide price of £110-£120,000.

The three-bed house in Albert Street needs complete refurbishment with a video from inside the building showing rooms still piled with belongings from the former owner, damp and disrepair.

Since the 1980s 18 Albert Street was a shared ownership property, one of Thanet District’s Council’s first. The property is within a conservation area.

In 2020 the leaseholder passed away and Thanet District Council bought the leaseholders’ shares. A report to Cabinet members in June said the previous owner did not have the financial capacity to carry out any works.

Thanet District Council became the sole owner of the vacant, three bedroom, four floor townhouse. The report said essential roof repairs would cost between £19k to £32k.

An independent valuation of the property in its current condition valued it at £115,000. If the essential roofing repairs were carried out, the value would increase to £140,000 and if the property was completely refurbished, the value would increase to £260,000.

During the council meeting, where a decision to sell the property was approved, Green councillor Tricia Austin requested a stay of six, or even three, months to look at options of retaining and refurbishing the site because of its listed status and close proximity to Addington Street, an area she described as ‘becoming Ramsgate’s Old Town” with potential for cultural facilities.

She added: “We (ward councillors) think something could be made of the building as a community and cultural asset.”

Cllr Austin suggested the property, if refurbished, could be a tourist attraction and generate income. She also raised concerns that it could be landbanked.

However, the delay was not granted and the site is up for auction with Clive Emson.

Jon Rimmer, auction appraiser, said: “This property needs complete refurbishment but it will be well worth the effort.

“It is close to Ramsgate’s Royal Marina and town centre and is very roomy inside.”

The sale will be held on Wednesday, September 22.

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  1. wow what an opportunity to make an arts and culture centre , no one else has thought of that in thanet , and what makes it more special its in ramsgate,s ” old town ” i thought the whole place was an an old town ?

  2. Real world…. How awful to potentially have to experience arts and culture in more than one place! God forbid Ramsgate seeing arts and culture as an asset. Keep Ramsgate sh*t. 😂

  3. I know this house well and it is in truly appalling condition having been neglected for so long. Several years ago the upper floor had an infestation of pigeons as the windows had been left permanently open and much of the furniture had to be removed and destroyed as it was covered in bird droppings. How the leaseholder lived there as long as he did before he passed away I have no idea as it was unfit for human habitation. Whilst community use sounds appealing there is no way of funding this, and one can only hope that TDC planning ensure that whoever buys it has to restore it fully and appropriately in keeping with its Grade 2 listing and the adjacent properties in Adelaide Gardens.

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