Fire crew rescues young fox struggling in water at Ramsgate harbour

The young fox struggled to make it to safety Photo Mark Stanford

Photos by Mark Stanford

A young fox who was struggling to get ashore at Ramsgate harbour was rescued by Thanet firefighters yesterday (September 6).

The crew were called in at 9.50pm after a security guard at the dock office spotted the distressed fox under the gangway as the tide was coming in.

Photo Mark Stanford

The exhausted animal was struggling to make it to safety while another fox was waiting for it on the Hover pad area.

Photo Mark Stanford

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to reports of a young fox stranded on the harbour wall in Military Road, Ramsgate.

Photo Mark Stanford

“One fire engine attended and crew used a reach pole to bring the cub to safety. The fox was uninjured and released back into the wild, where he reunited with another cub that was waiting nearby and the furry pair ran off together.”


  1. It is great that animals in distress can get help as well as human’s thanks to the humane system we have in the UK.
    I saw a lifeguard getting a dog to safety in Westgate Bay last week.
    Sad about the snide comment above though.

    • Some people just don’t like animals and they’re the people who I really dislike 👎 I think this is nice and I’m so glad our services will also help animals too 😊 what a wonderful story

  2. I see these foxes every Saturday night when I’m out on patrol as a community pastor. One was on the art barge in Ramsgate Harbour last Saturday, at least the local animals use it.

  3. Lovely story, used to always have help from our wonderful FIREFIGHTERS for multiple rescues while I ran Thanet Wildlife Rescue, miss it very much as not well enough, still shielding.Thanks to all who helped all the former wildlife patients who were immediately taken by myself for vet care, even paying vet call out fees when out of hours myself, out of savings as unable to become a charity through lack of time.RVN Fran Partridge gave free assessment, emergency treatment for decades but likewise has had to shield sadly.Still give advice and help co-ordinate some rescues with the wonderful DISTRICT NURSING TEAMS especially at night & often finding casualties, so grateful to all our animal lovers who thankfully outnumber those who do not care.

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