Properties in areas of Broadstairs and Ramsgate are without water again

Water supply

Properties in the Broadstairs area are again without water – or have very low water pressure – this morning (September 3).

The cause according to the Southern Water website is a burst main. However, the water company has also said the lack of supply has been caused by an electrical fault

Residents and businesses were last left without water on August 28, following a power cut, That lack of supply resulted in the closure of businesses including Under 1 Roof Thanet in Pysons Road and Subway and Greggs, as well as the public toilets, at Westwood Cross.

Southern Water has tweeted to say: “Customers in the #CT10 and #CT12 areas of #Ramsgate and #Broadstairs, will be experiencing low pressure or loss of water supply, as a result of an electrical fault at our supply works. We’re working as hard as we can to put it right as soon as possible.

“We’ll be setting up bottled water stations and we are delivering bottled water to customers on our Priority Service Register. If you need extra help or know someone who is please contact us on 0330 303 0368.”

Some properties in the CT11 post code area are also affected and it is understood the lack of water for washing and toilet flushing could impact schools. It is understood Upton Junior School will close at 10.30am if water is not restored.

A message to parents says: “Thank you for your patience and support during this water shortage. To clarify: absence from school related to this will not count as an unauthorised absence.

“There is optional work for children on our school website which can be found by clicking on the ‘Uptonship’ tab at the top of the page. Activity packs for the core subjects can be found at this link. We will send out another update at 10.15am.”

UPDATE: Due to the continuing lack of water Upton has asked parents/carers to collect their children

Asda Broadstairs has kindly donated bottled water to a nearby care home so residents have a supply for drinking/washing.


  1. Second outage in just over a week. As with first and with the sewage discharges, 2 excuses are given each time. One would be credible, two is just a pathetic lie. This is not just inadequate management, it is a demonstration that private enterprise is failing to provide the necessities for life. Companies like Southern water must be taken back into public ownership and water supply and sewage disposal made the priority , not profits to big corporation shareholders.

    • Ditto that R.L. Symonds! As I reported sometime ago, a steady stream of water has been coursing down Boundary Road, Ramsgate from the junction with Chatham Place, for well over a month now! It seems to be coming from a valve, so it should be easy to fix, but millions of litres of water are being wasted! SWA would be a joke if it wasn’t so serious, I reported the leak over 3 weeks ago, and was told that a member of the public had already “Called it in”! Yes, the road is busy, but surely this Micky Mouse organisation could set up a manned traffic control system, so work can be carried out to change the valve, or repair the leak, Duuurh!

      • I think that’s been fixed now. Road seemed fine last time I went last but I do agree it took way to long to sort out.

          • Correction the leak has been fixed! But why has it taken over a month to repair it? It would seem SWA did not need to have Boundary road closed after all, and a simple manned traffic control could have been set up in minutes, Duurh! Renationalise this desperately needed utility, and use the profits to modenise the water/drainage system, instead of paying shareholders with the money, again Duurh!

  2. Genuinely amazed schools open with no water supply….. it’s been off since early this morning. Shocked they are open. I thought it was an instant close if no water.

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