Thanet drug dealer jailed for five years

Jailed: James O'Brien

A drug dealer who sold cocaine in Thanet has been jailed for five years.

James O’Brien was arrested at the second of two warrants carried out by Kent Police officers at which drugs were found and seized.

The 36-year-old admitted possession of cocaine with intent to supply and being concerned in the supply of cocaine when he appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday (August 23) and he was jailed the same day.

A warrant was carried out at O’Brien’s then home in Margate High Street on February 22 following suspicions he was dealing drugs from the address.

He was not at the property, but officers found a large amount of cocaine, scales and around £6,000 in cash.

Officers, including special constables, then carried out a warrant at a property in Hereson Road, Broadstairs on Wednesday, July 21.

O’Brien and another man ran from the back door of the property as officers entered and were detained by a special constable before being arrested.

A search of the house led to a number of items being seized, including cash, mobile phones and white powder which, when tested, was found to be cocaine.

O’Brien’s phone contained messages which showed he had been drug dealing, including a message from a drug user unhappy with the quality of what they had been sold.

Detective Inspector Nigel Douglas, of East Kent Criminal Investigation Department, said: “Kent Police is determined to shut down drug dealing networks and bring those who profit from the misery of others before the courts.

“O’Brien was committed to selling drugs which would have inevitably led to further crime and anti-social behaviour for the community and I am pleased this case has seen him taken off the streets of Thanet.”


  1. One speck removed but thousands more to deal with. The police have their work cut out with all the dealing in Kent. Their needs to be a separate agency to take the strain off.
    Well done for removing this peddler of misery.

  2. Utter waste of police time! Legalise drugs, the price will plummet, and any idiot needing them will eventually kill themselves with it, win win! This will free up police to be doing something more worthwhile for the community, and cut down crime!

  3. As for your comment, Dumpton, some people who take drugs have an underlining condition, ie mental health issues and drugs are an escape from there problems.
    Alcoholism is a medical condition, so may drug addiction.
    Wishing for people too die, is wrong, if anyone is an idiot, you are for your comments!!

    • Don’t you think the Mental Health issues are caused by the drug taking. If not why are so many damaged druggies on DLA? Worth thinking about.

    • Its worked in other countries, notably Portugal, where crime has fallen substantially! Its the victims of crime I feel sorry for, not junkies who rob them to feed their habit! Plus the cost to the community in police time, no, give the junkies what they want, its cheaper, and then more police can be employed with the savings, it a no brainer!

  4. You will NEVER win the “war on drugs”, it’s futile and a waste of time and taxpayers money. There will always be a demand and someone will always meet that demand. Decriminalisation is the only answer. Regulate it, control it, tax it. Less crappy product will inevitably mean less casualties, less criminals peddling, and any grown adult who chooses to take them can do so without being labelled a criminal themselves.

  5. Wow 5 years …is that it? This guy will be out in 18 months back doing the same, he and his friends are all known violent criminal bullys…they give drug dealers and pedophiles such light sentences in this country it’s a joke.

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