The Cliftonville Games return this weekend

Cliftonville Games Photo Frank Leppard

The Cliftonville Games are back this weekend with lots of free activities for youngsters to enjoy.

The annual event, organised by GRASS Cliftonville, had some 5,000 people attend in 2019. The 2020 Games had to be cancelled due to covid restrictions but now it is back at The Oval Bandstand and Lawns  with races, emergency service displays, interactive theatre and more.

The fun will include:

Free bouncy castles

Visit the Fire engine

Come see the Police car

Interactive Theatre

Sand art

Colouring and Art

Community races

Children’s races

Egg and spoon races

Sack races

Free juice and fruit

Family rave at 3pm

The Games take place on Saturday (August 28) from noon until 5pm.


  1. As a neutral but concerned member of the community, I have seen the insurance documentation that proves the Farmers Market was and is appropriately insured. The allegation was that public liability insurance had not been purchased. We now know that allegation is false and I have asked GRASS to confirm the Farmers Market may go ahead this Sunday as it should. I am yet to receive a reply.

  2. On Saturday 28th August, I will be attending the Farmers Market at Bridge. A fantastic market, a bit like the one we used to have in Cliftonville. Would highly recommend instead of this event held by the odious group ‘GRASS’.

  3. Just to be clear, none of the obvious anger here is being generated by me. As a community member with no affiliation to GRASS, CRA, KFMA or CFM, I was appalled by GRASS using the community’s donations to have a solicitor threaten the team that have run the farmers market for 20 years, should they chose to continue. I immediately wanted to know whether the allegation that public liability insurance was not in place, was true or not. Having received the evidence late Tuesday that PLI is in place from 1/4/21 to 31/3/22, I posted it on Rob Yates Facebook page and asked whether CFM can take place this Sunday as it was due to. That question has not yet been answered but the chair of GRASS thanked me for providing the evidence. As far as I am concerned GRASS should be retracting their threat and the market should take place on Sunday at the Oval as normal.

    • Who are GRASS and what is their beef with the Farmers Market organisers to odiously remove them from their pitch? who are the members of this group who have just taken it over presumably to improve community cohesion in the area as it looks like they have done the opposite in fact by refusing residents and visitors an enjoyable Sunday market experience. Do they have an alternative for the people? Nothing is clear and their silence is not helping. Is it a monopoly they require for future commercial uses on the green and bandstand? Did they buy just the bandstand or the whole surrounding area too? Should the council be able to sell off public owned grounds such as promenades and green, community assets. Who prospers from this? So many questions that need answering here !

      • As a donor to GRASS’s crowd funder early this year, I never imagined it would turn out this way. I expected TDC would be granting them a lease carefully protecting this community asset, so that it remains exactly that. At the moment it appears that TDC gave them the freehold to the whole prime location, for no payment other than legal fees. Freehold normally implies the three directors of GRASS CIC are now its sole owners, free to do with it as they may wish. I believe the only just way to correct this is for the community to nominate and GRASS accept 4 additional directors, and for its Articles to be amended to require all 7 directors be present for any decision regarding disposal, development or any financing secured on any part of the land.

  4. Get rid of GRASS, TDC should now take back what was offered before they go any further. GRASS should be made to cover costs and be made to make public apology for there actions. Smells like Dreamland back handers again, come on TDC show us that you do care about Thanet’s people and places

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