Homes development plan at ‘Jackie Pallo’ site in Ramsgate is refused again

The 'Pallo' house in 2020 Photo Jamie Horton

An application to create six homes at the site of British wrestler Jackie Pallo’s former Ramsgate property has again been refused by Thanet councillors due to concerns about pedestrian and cyclist access.

Ozengell Farm was the home of the wrestling hero until his death from cancer in 2006, aged 80. His son, Jackie Jnr, and wife Trixie continued to live at the property. Trixie died in 2013.

The four-bed property was gutted by fire in March 2018, believed to have been deliberately set. Ramsgate and Margate crews were called to the site with 16 firefighters and four fire engines at the scene during the height of the blaze.

Mont Blanc Developments Ltd want to demolish the gutted property and build the new  ‘courtyard’ development. The plans were previously refused in 2019 and an appeal was also dismissed in 2020.

Planning officers recommended the plan’s refusal due to road safety concerns as the farmhouse is on Haine Road which is unlit and lacks a footpath, leaving pedestrians exposed to road traffic. KCC Highways objected on the same grounds.

Mr Hare, from TaylorHare Architects, speaking on behalf of the developer said the ‘well-designed, contemporary’ development would replace a current eyesore.

The site now also falls under  an ‘urban’ designation rather than countryside since the adoption of the Thanet Local Plan.

But, despite some councillors on the planning committee acknowledging the proposal was well designed, concerns about the busy Haine Road and lack of cycle and pedestrian paths resulted in the rejection.

Planning officers said there would be linked cycle and pathways and a downgrading of Haine Road as part of the adjoining Manston Green development for 785 homes but there was no indication when this work would be completed.

It is expected footings will be dug for Manston Green phase one before October to make sure the outline planning consent gained in 2016 and Phase One reserved matters consent given in October 2019, is still valid but there is no estimated completion date.

The committee was told phase one – for 220 homes- is expected to have the first 20 units built in the 2022/23 financial year – but there is, as yet, no confirmed housebuilder for the project.

The Ozengell Farmhouse was damaged by fire in 2018 Photo Adam Dark

However, the Inspector at the recent appeal for the six home development at the Pallo site did ‘not doubt that phase 1 of the Manston
Green development, when completed, would provide safe pedestrian and cycle highway access for the occupants of the appeal scheme.’

And planning consultant John Elvidge outlined in documents for Mont Blanc: “The developers of Manston Green have confirmed that details to discharge all pre-commencement conditions for phase 1 of the development have been submitted, with work upon phase 1 and the Staner Hill junction improvements due to commence in September.

“Reserved matters (likely) to be submitted for all three phases by July 2021. In addition, condition 3 imposed upon that consent requires each phase to be commenced within two years of the date of the final approval of the reserved matters for each respective phase. As far as phase 1 is concerned, the reserved matters approval was granted on 18th October 2019 and, as such, the forthcoming September commencement fully accords with this requirement.

The ‘Pallo’ site Photo Adam Dark

“Moreover, as it took only six months for the reserved matters application for phase 1 to be approved, there is no reason to assume why the respective submissions for phases 2 and 3 to take any longer, which would mean that approvals during Spring 2022, will subsequently require commencements upon those phases by Spring 2024.”

He said the likely completion of the appeal scheme would be during this time, in 2023.

The Phase 2 application for Manston Green has been submitted to Thanet council since Mr Elvidge’s report.

Cllr Jill Bayford said: “This is a busy road and I do not think personal safety can be ignored. It is a pity as this is an attractive development and it would be good if Manston Green goes ahead but I think it has to be one for the future.”

The committee voted to refuse the Ozengell Farm application.


  1. Smash it down,dual carriageway to lord of manor rdbt,slew the manston rd rdt over 100yds so the jct is unified…that’s what really needs to happen not homes for dfls!

  2. Hopefully the persons offering Pp refusal are not just nimbys but people with qualifications, there is justification to allow the current planning permission app approval. Maybe the developer is keeping known reasons quiet and allowing councillors to stop digging

    The site will be redeveloped !

  3. Developers should not be quick to just build houses on every piece of land feasible. Who is expanding the roads, building schools, hospitals etc while this building is going on. There is an oversight by the planners in ensuring developers are part of the other local infrastructures not just housing. That stretch of road is a nightmare during rush hours and needs road expansion and not houses. The council could by the land and expand that part of the road to the 2 roundabouts. That makes more sense than seeing the current eyesore daily.

  4. With the new train station down the road in Cliffsend a better option is to expand the road and pedestrianise. Not houses.

  5. I’m glad it’s been turned down for these greedy developers, the only reason I wanted to buy the site was so I could watch the planes taking off and landing at Manston airport when it reopens.

  6. How can all those homes be given consent when the outcome of Manston airport has not been given yet. Who would want to live on the edge of a runway with noisy polluting freight aircraft flying over all day and part of the night, only a fool !
    Widen the road and put a pavement area in for safety not more houses.

    • As the article says, there are no firm dates for completion of any units or builder appointed, as also stated they’ll make a token start to lock in the permissions they’ve gained and pretty much land bank it all until convenient to make a real start.

    • The planes obvious didn’t bother Jackie Pallo. I guess he was made of stronger stuff than some of the whiners of today.

          • I had never heard of Jackie Pallo before reading about this planning application. I expect there are a lot of people who aren’t interested in wrestling.

          • Really??? How old are you? He was a household name in the late 60s / early 70s, even to those who weren’t into wrestling.

  7. JACKIE Pallo old place is a eyesore and that’s what happens in Thanet because of the council if you look at Hernbay it beautiful in summer flower gardens plenty of shops cafes to stop for a drink. with a friend all u get in thanet is dirty streets and old garages on the front that just stand there for years O dont for get the Turner centre. That’s all u hear about.

    • How has TDC turned the house in question into an eyesore? And there’s a lot more to Thanet than “dirty streets and old garages on the front”. And- again- the Turner gallery is definitely far from being “all u hear about”.

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