Walk-in covid testing centre at Dreamland car park due to shut at end of August

Covid test site when it was set up at the Dreamland car park in October 2020

The walk-in covid test centre at the Dreamland car park off Belgrave Road is due to be closed down at the end of the month.

It is understood the site will close on August 29 with decommissioning on September 3.

The decommissioning means an uncertain time for the 28 operators, two managers, two supervisors, cleaners and security staff who may transfer to the Manston site or to a new site – although this is yet to be confirmed.

The test site first opened in October 2020  with both a drive through and a walk through service.

It was opened as part of the Government’s UK-wide drive to improve accessibility to coronavirus testing for local communities. The site provides polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests which are sent away to a lab to diagnose disease – in contrast to the lateral flow tests (LFTs) which can diagnose Covid-19 on the spot, but aren’t as accurate as PCRs. However, PCRs can also provide false positive results by detecting dead, deactivated virus still present in the body of someone who has recovered from Covid-19.

In March this year the drive through facility was removed but walk-in services for PCR tests remained.

The car park site was formerly owned by Thanet council but sold to Dreamland park operator Sands heritage Ltd as part of a deal for the entire amusement park estate. That deal was sealed in December although the car park did not transfer until this Spring.

Sands Heritage Ltd agreed to extend the original six month lease of the site for the covid test centre but this is due to expire with no agreement for further renewal.

A Dreamland spokesperson said: “The initial lease for the Covid testing centre was for 6 months.  This was then extended by Sands Heritage Ltd for a further 6 months which expires on September 5.”

Proposals for a multi-storey car park on the site are said to be under discussion but the Dreamland spokesperson said: “There are currently no confirmed plans, but any possible multi-storey car park development in the future would be subject to all the necessary planning permissions.”

The covid test centre closure comes despite walk-in numbers doubling over the past week.

The closure will mean the nearest walk-in test centre will be in Canterbury, or pre-booked drive-in at Manston.

The closure has caused some concern with a source telling The Isle of Thanet News: “PCR testing is still very much needed as it’s the only one that can pick up variants and with it being deprived in some areas there are those who can’t get to Manston.

“The nearest walk in will be Canterbury, by the university, but people can’t sit on a bus if they have symptoms.”

A Department for Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “To tackle this global pandemic we have built the largest network of diagnostic testing facilities in British history from scratch.

“Testing is a vital part of our ongoing response to COVID-19 and our roadmap back to normal life, and we have a huge PCR testing capability for people with symptoms, that is helping us break chains of transmission.

“We are making it easier than ever to get a test with free twice weekly rapid tests available for everyone in England, meaning cases can be detected faster and more easily, and outbreaks can be stopped earlier.”

The  covid positive test rate in Thanet per 100,000, as of 12 August, stands at 273.6. There have been no covid related deaths in the district since May 2. This month, up to August 8, there have been 15 admissions to East Kent Hospitals (comprising QEQM, Ashford and Canterbury) and four patients are on ventilators.

In Thanet 188,774 vaccinations have been given. Of these 99,273 people have received a first dose (as of August 16) and 89,501 people have had two doses.

As of yesterday (August 16) anyone who is fully vaccinated or under 18 no longer needs to self-isolate after close contact with someone who has COVID-19 if they have no symptoms. If a person has symptoms they should still isolate and take a PCR test.

Check how to get a PCR test at https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test


  1. The dream is indeed becoming a nightmare as the UK government yellow card statistics (thought to be 1 to 10 percent of the true figures) show over 1.13 million adverse reactions to the jab and over 1,559 deaths. Official results across Europe and in the US are much higher via the EMA and CDC. There is no informed consent being given to those jabbed. No warning that the experimental gene therapy is on emergency licence, not through the trials until 2023, with no long term safety testing possible or knowledge on what harm it can do to fertility. Lawyers are putting inoculators on notice, who don’t disclose this. Informed consent is absolutely key as the Nuremberg Trials showed. Analysis of the side effects suffered here: https://yellowcard.ukcolumn.org/yellow-card-reports#%5Bobject%20Object%5D

    • Give it a rest, Democrat. Isn’t there some other conspiracy theory you could concentrate on for a change?

      • So you think government statistics are a conspiracy do you Marva. How amusing that you want to shut down a narrative based on facts. Get up to speed – conspiracy theory is a tired old framed propaganda term used by people who don’t seem to be able to research the truth.

        • There are universities full of people all over the world researching the truth.
          The difference between their version of truth and yours is that scientists’ research procedures, analysis and results are open to public scrutiny, peer reviewed and published in internationally recognised learned and academic journals.
          Your version of truth, on the other hand, crops up on obscure web sites, featuring the unfounded opinions of maverick and discredited individuals; their delivery is not by the usual channels but by YouTube; featuring a chap in a bow tie and white coat, sitting behind a large desk, in front of a learned looking book-case.
          It is just as legitimate to challenge their assertions as it is to challenge science; but the latter has a built-in scrutiny system, the former does not.

      • “They”? Who are “They”? The same ones looking at to 100000s of lives saved and long covid prevented as a consequence of having the vaccine?
        Have you read the leaflet that comes inside your pack of paracetamol or ibuprofen? The side of your fag packet? Nobbys Nuts??
        Have “They” commented on these hideously dangerous and toxic substances?

  2. Seriously? We are leaving up antivac fake news?

    On topic…. Covid is over and done with clearly so good job we close all testing centres. They won’t be needed at the end of September at all. Honest.

    • I too am wondering why these posts are allowed to stay here (particularly when legitimate questions about illegal immigrants are quickly deleted).

      • I agree with Peter.
        Platforms such a Facebook and Twitter have been doing their best to remove the false and dangerous information put out by sadly deluded people. It seems that IoTN is open house to all sorts of crazy opinion when it comes to Covid and vaccines.

        • The crazy opinions on loTN are not limited to covid and the vaccines….it’s always been open season to absolute nonsense…


          As I originally pointed out these posts should have been deleted 100% these a dangerous, rubbish and have no factual basis.

        • I agree with this. There are enough legitimate issues & websites covering it with the vaccines out there if people wish to look, without linking in known quack doctors & conspiracy/falsehood sites. It makes it easier for the government etc to lump every legitimate concern over the increasing number of side effects & these pharma companies getting indemnity from the government into the tin foil hat barrel.

      • Censorship of verifiable facts from government statistics. The Nazi and Stasi and CCP and Marxist playbooks at their best eh Peter. How revealing.

        • Would you give us one verifiable fact to do with covid that the government has censored from official statistics?

        • As I have often pointed out to the so called Democrat, YOUR A PILLOCK! Get help, according to official figures 511 Thanet people have died due to Covid, and this pillock want to make it more!

  3. The million adverse reactions (from 80 million vaccinations, so just 1 in 80) include slightly sore arm, aching muscles, a bit of a headache. The sort of state you’d be in if you played a game of rugby, then went out with the lads for a bevy.
    1599 deaths from the vaccine? That’s 0.002%. You’re 100 times safer being vaccinated than not.
    But it is your choice. You can choose to ignore the science, and decline the vaccine.

  4. Blimey, dunceland have rented out the site to our government. DL will have been paid rather well for renting out a not so busy location.

    DL is history, has been in decline for a while even before covid19 was about.

    The future for that area including arlington tower and its associated concrete slum are clear.

    Who wants to travel to thanet when the new london resort io open ?

    Others will disagree. But the graffiti on the wall tells a story.

  5. What new London resort? That tacky theme park, not yet approved, which would destroy a largely wild peninsula much of which is now an SSSI?

  6. more testing, more fale positives. they have already talked the sheep into having an experimetal gene treatment thast they didnt need. this only ends when we refuse to consent.

    • It has always been your right to refuse medical intervention.
      Whether it be vaccinations against viruses like smallpox and polio, or antibiotics against pneumonia or sepsis, or analgesics or anaesthesia when you have a tooth filled or your appendix out. You really can’t be too careful what they stick into your body.
      While you’re at it, you should be wary of these food supplements they keep urging us to take. They are chemicals, after all.
      And have you looked at labels on food packaging? More chemicals. Monosodium Glutimate, sulfur dioxide, emulsified, antioxidants, flavour enhancers, growth hormones ….
      And not a word in MSM. Why are they keeping it a secret from us?
      Keep yourself safe.
      Stop eating and drinking.

  7. Have a day off Dave. Read some proper books and educate yourself don’t just be in your right wing Facebook bubble…

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