Part of eastbound Thanet Way closed due to car and lorry crash

Emergency services

The eastbound carriageway of the A299 Thanet Way between Herne By and St Nicholas-at-Wade is currently closed due to a crash,

Kent Police was called to a collision between a lorry and a car on the eastbound carriageway shortly after 1.45pm today (August 16). Officers are currently in attendance along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

The eastbound carriageway is currently closed while the incident is responded to and drivers are advised to seek alternative routes where possible.


  1. A completely different topic.

    In another report there is news of the RNLI rescuing more illegal migrants from the English Channel. I will make no further comment on that here.
    After the article the comments section for this topic has unfortunately been remove making any form of comment possible. I am therefore bringing the subject up in this admittedly inappropriate place, the only place I am able.
    This appears to me to be CENSORSHIP by this newspaper and therefore a reprehensible step as far as I am concerned. What ever happened to FREE SPEECH??
    Shame on you IoTG!

    • With freedom comes responsibility.
      And far too many people have posted the most irresponsible sorts of stuff on here.
      I imagine that’s why the Editor has disabled comments on those particular pieces.

    • Your free speech is not curtailed, you are free to say what you like on your own platforms, such as a personal FB page. However, I as publisher am responsible for any libellous/racist/hate comments on this site and sadly there are people who will make such comments so that is why the comment function is off. Also I am not the gazette (IOTG), I am a small, independent publisher who has no intention of paying large court fines in the event that an individual cannot keep their comments legal.

    • A person was killed on this story post space ( well done genius , thoughtless at best ) it has absolutely no connection to the topic you wish to comment on and your very misguided complaint regarding your free speech being curtailed .
      No one is curtailing your right to free speech – go ahead , crack on . publish /state your opinions far & wide – on your own platform

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