Police called in to assist enforcement officers with ‘loud music’ incident at Viking Bay

Police called to Broadstairs Photo Frank Leppard

Police officers were called out to Viking Bay this afternoon (August 15) to assist council enforcement officers who had told a group of people to turn their music down.

It is understood one person was issued with a fine for breaching the Beaches and Coast Public Spaces Protection Order brought in by Thanet council this April.

Photo Frank Leppard

The PSPO replaced previous beach byelaws which had differing levels of fines and did not include power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs). Under the new order, council and police officers can issue fines of £100 to help deter and reduce anti-social behaviour.

Under the PSPO music and entertainment or sporting events on beaches and/or promenades are  required to have prior permission granted by the council.

Photo Frank Leppard

Bystanders report seeing a large number of police vehicles attend the incident on Viking Bay.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Shortly before 3pm Kent Police attended Viking Bay beach in Broadstairs to assist council enforcement officers who were responding to a report that a group of people had been playing loud music.

Photo Frank Leppard

“Officers attended to prevent any possible breaches of the peace and, after engaging with the individuals involved, the music is no longer being played.”


  1. Well done for enforcing this. Nothing more annoying than groups of people who seem intent on you listening to their music as well as them. Well, apart from those who seem to want you to be breathing in their weed aromas all afternoon too.

    Were they locals or tourists I wonder ?

    • There is no need for it really. I mean have your music up a bit but when you can hear it all over the beach and you got your kids with you and its F this F that.. just not nice. Beach is for everyone.

      • Was this the group of people playing loud music and had a generator , you could hear from promenade above ?

  2. Well done TDC and Kent Police. This needs to happen more often. Good to see antisocial behaviour being cracked down on!

  3. I was on the beach in Broadstairs when this happened. Good response from the Police in dealing with these obnoxious people. TDC keep the fines coming!!

  4. They weren’t playing loud music. The black families were approached by 5 people, including security guards and a big deal was made over nothing. One person could have approached and they would have complied, I know this as I spoke to them and they were so generous and kind. 14 policemen attending was the most racist overreaction I’ve ever witnessed. I hope Thanet police force attend every time someone plays music on the beach and that they have not just discriminated against these lovely people enjoying a day visiting the beach.

  5. A happy group of black families were enjoying their time on the beach, peacefully playing with their young children. Suddenly FIVE people, including security guards, approached them asking to turn their music down. ONE person would have been enough!! Then over the next 30 minutes, FOURTEEN policemen attended the already peaceful scene. I hope thanets police force attend every time there is a noise disturbance on the beach because I would hate to think that they only attended due to the colour of people’s skin. The music playing at the bandstand was louder than their music. It was such an overreaction. I feel sorry that they gave the cafe and sunbed rental place so much of their cash. They even THANKED the policemen at the end … what does that say?

    • Great comparison. Comparing music at the bandstand where musicians are allowed to play and people choose to go and listen to them (or not) to a group of selfish people on the beach annoying everyone around them with their loud music.

  6. Absolute disgrace Police blocking the high street, causing considerable more problems than a bit of loud music down the beach, what a complete waste of public money wasted again by the Police, get a grip please!

  7. Why should anyone have to put up with loud music played anywhere in public? Music like food, is a question of taste, and people would not force feed someone food they disliked would they? No, all music played out loud in public should be banned, including that idiot who plays it in Ramsgate town centre sometimes!

  8. These people were day trippers, so probably weren’t aware of the new PSPO. Why are there no notices stating no notices stating permission is required? The amount of security guards and police was definitely overkill. The enforcement officer could have spoken to 1 of the group and all that followed could have been avoided

    • I was on the beach and they were spoken to by numerous individuals. I couldn’t hear what was said to them because their music was so offensively loud. You have to be thick not realise that bringing a GENERATOR to power a sound system is not OK – why would a sign be needed for that? It’s common sense and decency. All of the adults in that group were drinking alcohol and letting their kids do what they want without any of them caring. The Police response was sufficient to deal with their disgusting behaviour. Nothing to do with skin colour, all to do with their selfish behaviour, actions and attitude. I’m glad the council and the police dealt with them as they did, these are the tourists we don’t want on our beaches. They did not put a penny into the local economy, they brought all their food and drink with them and left the rubbish on the beach when they left.

    • Apparently they were spoken to and refused to turn it down which is why the police were called. There is a ban on music being played by groups on beaches in Thanet so everyone can enjoy themselves and not just the selfish. The PSPO applies to everyone no matter what colour you are. There is no racist tone other than those commenting accusing the authorities of it when dealing with the situation.

  9. I was on the beach right next to this group. The music was annoying and no need for it to be so loud but what actually upset me the most was how much litter they were leaving/dropping and letting blow all over the beach! It was disgusting. I also couldn’t bear the way all the children were allowed to behave, parents seemed oblivious to the annoyance they were being to everyone else. Yes the beach should be for everyone but have some respect for your surroundings and nature then I will have respect for you.

    I cant comment on what was said between them and the police but i know security came 1st then obviously felt compelled to call the police….

    With regards to racism(that someone else mentioned) they could have been white, purple or green and my opinion would still stand. If the colour of their skin ever became the issue then that in itself is disgusting, i am judging behaviour not colour/race/religion….

  10. Why do people immediately accuse police and others if racism. Too keen to jump on the black lives rubbish. Disturbing the enjoyment of others and ruining our beach by leaving rubbish and litter shows the kind of mentality ingrained in some people regardless if ethnicity.

  11. Not loud music.

    Oh for the sake of humanity and the children we must use all our resources to crack down on this disgusting disturbing destruction of our society.

    Burglaries and sexual assaults can wait.

  12. These must be the same selfish type of people from London on a Jolly to Thanet who leave all their small children to run around unsupervised. It wasn’t long ago that exactly an identical situation ended with a little girl found drowned in the harbour at Margate while all the adults carried on with their party on the beach oblivious. It’s a shame how much of society has evolved in the UK, carefree and couldn’t care less !

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