Young cat and dead kittens found tied in pillowcase in Dane Valley

'Gertrude' is now being looked after

A young cat and three dead kittens have been found tied up in a pillow case in Dane Valley.

The sad discovery was made by a dog walker on Wednesday (August 11).

The young cat, which is not chipped, is currently being looked after by Mary Knott from Cats in Crisis.

She said: “I don’t know if this is the mother of the kittens.  She appears in good condition and I think she is quite young. She is very unsettled still from her ordeal.

“She was cared for originally overnight by a neighbour – the person who found her – but as he has big dogs she couldn’t stay there so she is now with me.

“She is not feral so could very well be someone’s cat. I was wondering if anyone was missing her.

“ Given the horrid situation with the dogs who killed the cat near where I live, I would hate her owner to think she was another casualty.   Any help locating her owner would be much appreciated.

“I have called her after the patron saint of cats – Gertrude – however she has been a dirty Gertie as she doesn’t seem to know what a litter tray is for and has pooped in her bed!”

Gertie is due for a vet check up on Tuesday.

If she belongs to you get in touch with Mary by emailing [email protected]


  1. It’s time investigations were done into the harm of animals and hefty prison time was handed out. If its vulnerable pets they are happy to harm then it will be vulnerable people next

  2. Unfortunately until humans realise we don’t own the earth and animals have an equal right to live, things will never change. Thank you to the kind people at cats in crisis.

  3. Capital punishment is never the answer. It just fuels the primitive desire for revenge which human beings have.

    • Capital punishment is never the answer? So you think the most evil of individuals like John Duffy and David Mulcahy should be allowed to live after the wicked crimes they carried out in the 1980’s on the railway network. I suggest you watch Channel 5 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9pm next week. These two showed no mercy to their victims, no remorse and destroyed families.

    • As I suggested in my earlier comments you educate yourself and watch Channel 5 next week at 9pm Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday The Railway Killers. Or alternatively do a bit of research!

      • Laurence Davies, such a terrible crime, should have spent their lives behind bars, now they continue live their miserable lives at the tax payers expense.

      • Now that I have looked up this documentary in the Radio Times , I can see that I will not be watching it.

        • Marva Rees. What a surprise you will not be watching it. About sums you up with a lot of your other comments on topics on this website. Ignore unpleasant facts that don’t fit your views. Still keep wearing your rose tinted glasses.

  4. Unfortunately we live in a throw away society and that includes animals. We need to stop measuring happyness on GDP and look at kindness and values. All animals feel Pain and suffering including the ones we choose to eat. Every human has a negative impact on the world. Humans need to realise we need to change to create as much positive as we can before it’s too late.

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