Margate mum whose cat died after escaped Huskies attack launches petition for greater owner responsibility

Stacie launched the petition after family pet Lilly was killed

A Margate mum whose cat was killed in an attack reportedly by two escaped Huskies has launched a petition for pet owners to be forced to take responsibility if they hurt or kill another animal.

Stacie Goddard, 26, was devastated at the death of 16 year old cat Lilly who was a therapy cat for her disabled daughter.

The attack took place overnight on Tuesday (August 10) with at least four other animals reported to have been injured, including a rabbit which was killed after the hutch was ripped open.

Stacie, who is mum to Aurora, 4, and three-year-old Stephen, said: “My kids are really suffering today to the point where they were up all night crying and couldn’t even go to nursery today.

“Lilly was Aurora’s therapy cat to help her manage her autism meltdowns. Her quality of life is now affected because of this. I hope she can recover from the trauma.”

Stacie reported the death of Lilly to Kent Police. The Force said a number of reports had been received saying  two dogs had escaped from a property and attacked other animals in the Friends Avenue area of Margate.

Lilly did not survive

A spokesperson said: “Officers attended to ensure there was no risk to any members of the public and established that the dogs were back with their owner, who was visited and given advice around keeping his animals secure.

“No criminal offences or injuries to members of the public have been reported.”

Stacie says she is shocked that no action will be taken and has now launched the petition to try and force action.

On the petition page she says: “My children are absolutely traumatised by the event as they were with me when we found our Lilly. The dogs jumped over my gate so broke into my property to hunt my cat down, which I have CCTV footage of.

“I am now scared to let my children into the garden in case the dogs come back as I fear they will injure, or worse, kill my young children.

“I’m now afraid to let my other two cats out in case the incident happens again.”

She adds: “I hope (people signing) can help me to get this situation solved and bring justice to not only my cat but all the pet owners and also parents who had to witness and go through the trauma.

“If your dog injures or kills another beloved animal then you should be held fully responsible for any vet/crematorium bills and professional steps should be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again and if need be, the dog should be retrained.”

In a post to social media Stacie said: “My girl should of been out sunbathing today. Instead i have just brought her home from the crematorium.”

The Huskies are owned by a father and son. Today (August 12) Ken Wraight, the father, issued a statement.

In it he says: “As one of the owners of the two dogs that escaped I wish to make it known that I am very upset about what actually happened and what might have happened if they had caused any other issues.

“As an animal lover, I have had 4 cats who have lived with us until old age, and they have always gotten on well with the dogs.

“The dogs are always on leads when walked and are very family-friendly animals and are not ill-treated or abused in any way.

“Matters are currently being taken to make our garden more secure, although it’s difficult as we have already taken the level of security to the legal limits. Planning permission is generally required if the fence is higher than 2 metres high.

“What’s not commonly understood is these Huskies  can leap fences of 8ft high, There are no doors left open or holes in fences, which may be a wrongfully common suspicion.

“The local police have suggested I  put spikes on the inside of the garden walls to prevent them from jumping over, which of course may cause injury to the dogs themselves.

“Our dogs are not being left alone in the garden at any time now.

“All I can do is apologise and I will do whatever it takes to stop them from getting out again.

“I am happy with working with groups that I have already worked with for ideas and suggestions which can be taken forward.

“My heart goes out to those directly affected.”

Stacie said: “As much as an apology is greatly appreciated this should have been done yesterday and in person not because of all the backlash but because he genuinely meant it, in this case I feel like it’s not.

“I believe it’s gone past the point of apologising as being sorry won’t change anything the dogs or him as an owner have caused to both the community and our family, especially my disabled daughter. My children are traumatised, my family shaken up. I believe this will happen again and next time it could be a child.”

Find Stacie’s petition here


  1. perhaps if the owners took more responsibilty for thier cats this sort of thing might not happen , they seem to think they have the right to go where they want and do what they want , needlessly killing birds and small mammals ,i have a garden full of cats s**t and i dont own a cat

    • You are pure Disgusting this isn’t any cat this is a therapy cat! A harmless loving part of a family who was helping improve a disabled child’s quality of life. Think you need to re think your life 🖕

    • Really……. Do you know the full story or just the titbits you’ve heard. These dogs are renowned for escaping & not the 1st time they’ve killed animals. So what about the rabbits in their hutches that stood no chance as the dogs were clawing ,chewing & eventually grabbing these rabbits through the wire & killing them….. they weren’t strolling around 💩ing everywhere….. Your comment is arrogant ignorant & frankly pathetic. Real world…… I suggest you get with it.

    • Maybe the cats think your garden is a s**t hole then. If you took more responsibility like putting down the pellets that cats don’t like in your flower beds they wouldn’t use your garden as a toilet. Or maybe all your neighbours don’t like you so they are dumping s**t in your garden. Having said that your comment is quite honestly disgusting as is normal from you, do you ever think before you actually type.

    • I cant actually stand people like you. ‘They seem to think they have a right to go where they like’. What is even go through your head.

  2. I realise the distress caused and offer my sincere sympathy, however, Ms Goddard had reported the incident to the police and therefore Mr Wraight was right not to discuss the event until the police decided no action. Ms Goddard is lucky to have received an apology at all in the times we now live in.
    I’m a responsible cat and dog owner, the cat does not and has never been allowed to roam beyond the garden boundary, neither does the dog whom is extremely friendly to all other animals.

    • Actually the police dropped the charges yesterday afternoon. He had the rest of the day and today to appologise. I have had No contact at all from him just this ‘apology’ he wrote to the papers as he knew he was going to be facing blame. He could of and still can at any point message me with his deepest regrets instead of laughing about it online and wishing my cat in his words ‘to rot’

    • I’ve had several cats come into MY garden and claw my birds in the avairy even had them mutilate a baby rabbit through a cage aswell why arent the owners held accountable for this yet a dog is. Yes I’m a cat owner no my cats arent allowed out as they are my pets I’m responsible for thier toilet habits, feeding and enrichment times have moved on now there is no excuse to have your cat running outside in danger they are shot, run over stolen if you let them out this is the choice you make that maybe your part time pet may not come home. The law needs to change that cats are not free to roam the streets cats used to roam to keep pests down but now that purpose is pretty much gone thier is no need other than pure laziness to let them roam the streets.

  3. So he’s full of sincere apologies but he hasn’t said he’d be willing to pay all the expenses she has incurred or fund a replacement ‘therapy cat’……

    And real world, all your comments on any news article that are posted lead me to believe you are nothing more than a troll, probably obese, sitting half dressed in your unwashed Y fronts with your keyboard covered in crisp crumbs.

  4. mr big nose – how wrong you are , and why pray are you called big nose ? or am i stating the obvious – top tip never pre judge people . by the way at the moment i am still allowed to have an opinion in this country, even if it does not fit in with yours.

  5. If they can’t secure the garden and prevent them from potentially escaping and doing it again like they have multiple times in the past then they should be it going to take the dogs attacking a child before something is actually done.

  6. This Mr Wraight has excuse after excuse, these dogs need to be removed from him. To many times these dogs have got out and caused death to other animals, people’s pets. It’s not the dogs fault it’s the owners. I have been and still am a owner of huskies for 10 years and never have my dogs climbed or jump over 8 feet fencing, this will only happen if the dogs are mistreated,hungry.No charges will be brought against him. If he can’t control his dogs they need removing for the dogs safety as they will pay the price at the end of the day

  7. Very, very sad my heart goes out to the people who lost pets. The worse part is if a dog is run down, it must be reported. Not so for cats the law should be readjusted. Magpies , kill birds as do other animals.

  8. I was disappointed to see my “Comment” yesterday has been taken down! I have been involved with animal charities for decades, and was once an RSPCA Trustee. I am at present trying to stop animal ill treatment of 4 dogs, which the RSPCA, and police say are fit and well, yes in appearance they may be, but they are not leading a full and active life, because the owners are confining them 24/7 in a small semi detached bungalow! This contravenes the Animal Welfare Act, and they have escaped 3 times in the last 18 months!

    Like the Huskies, these dogs are not pets, they are working dogs, and unable to live in a suitable environment, and the RSPCA wrote to me on the 18th December last, saying and I quote “please be aware our inspectors are currently dealing with emergencies only, which are classed as cases where there is an immediate risk to life, the animal is critically injured, or in imminent danger, or where the animal is likely to die in the near future without help”. This means the RSPCA are NOT providing evidence of ill treatment of an animal to the Police for prosecution under the Animal Welfare Act, unless it complies with this policy!

    Neither the Police or the council have animal inspectors of their own, although councils can employ them if they choose, but are not legally obliged to, so few if any do! So, if anyone reports animal cruelty to the police they may refer it to the RSPCA, but unless it complies with the RSPCA policy above, they will not take action! I know of no other law that depends on a charity to enforce it! In the case of the Huskies, it may be possible to take action under Criminal Damage, if they kill, or injure another animal owned by someone, but legal advice should be sought first.

    • Correction! In fact my Comment yesterday is still intact, but its in a duplicate article! I don’t know why this happens, any ideas Kathy?

  9. The dogs are obviously dangerous in their present living conditions and as such should be removed from their owner.
    The law is an ass… how can the owner not be held accountable for this terrible incident?
    The dogs should either be re-homed or put down. The owner should be made accountable, as these dogs have done similar before, they are obviously dangerous. What if next time it’s a child? Would he be held accountable then?
    Does the owner own the house he lives in? If not and he’s a council or housing association tenant then there maybe some route there for Mrs Goddard to get some action taken against him?
    Either way, maybe Mrs Goddard should seek legal advice and see if she can at least sue the man and get some action that way. I’m sure if she set up ‘gofundme’ page she would able to cover her legal expenses because the good folk of this world would want to help her after what has happened, more so would want to help her disabled daughter.
    Something to think about Mrs Goddard? Surely there will be a way to get something done.

  10. It would be possible to recover vet Bills and any other costs in a Small Claims Court, which is fairly easy to access without a lawyer. In regard to dangerous dogs that do not comply with the stupid Dangerous Dogs Act, a woman near Birmingham was mauled to death according to a report in my newspaper, dated 5th April, by a neighbours 2 dogs! These dogs had been confined to a garden shed, and only allowed out into the garden to defecate, they had not been socialised, and had dug their way under a garden fence!

    About 30 years ago I remember debating with my MP Michael Howard at the time, when he was introducing the Dangerous Dogs Act that they should be judged by their weight, and not breed! In nature all animals survive according to their weight, that is, a small dog is unlikely to pick a fight with a much larger dog! History has proved me right and Howard wrong, because there have been many instances whereby a dog has attacked someone, and all efforts to establish its breed failed! But it would be easier to claim the dog could become dangerous if say it exceeded 10kg to 15kg, so if it attacked someone there would be no argument that it was a dangerous dog!

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