Distress after escaped Huskie dogs reported to have killed and maimed cats and rabbit in Margate

Lilly did not survive

Devastated pet owners are calling for police to take action after reports that two Huskies killed cats and a rabbit after escaping from their owner’s Margate property last night (August 10).

The Huskies are alleged to have killed at least one cat with two others seriously injured and being cared for by vets and also killed a rabbit after ripping open the hutch.

Devastated owner Stacie Goddard is mourning the loss of her 16 year old cat Lilly who was mauled by the dogs.

Stacie said: “We got her last March after her owner died. She is a therapy cat for our autistic daughter.

“She was a big part of our community, she loved sleeping on everyone’s shed and cars and she was a well known cat who loved a good head scratch.

“She didn’t deserve to die in the horrific vicious way she did. She will be missed by the whole community and will leave a special paw print on our hearts. I just want justice for my girl.”

Stacie said she will not stop until action is taken against the dogs’ owner.

*Distressing image

Two more cat owners have posted to social media to say their pets are now at the vets after being attacked, with uncertainty over whether they will survive.

The dogs have since been collected by the owner whose father said the pets got out after a cat jumped in the garden and they chased it. He said the dogs are well-cared for and it is the first time they have escaped in over 15 months. He said that the animals, aged 13 and eight, are friendly and would not bite a child.

He said he was very sorry if anyone’s animals were injured.

At least one of the attacks has been reported to police and Thanet council has confirmed receiving reports, adding: “The council has received reports of this incident and the matter is now with Kent Police.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “On the morning of Wednesday 11 August 2021 Kent Police received a number of reports that two dogs had escaped from a property and attacked other animals in the Friends Avenue area of Margate.

“Officers attended to ensure there was no risk to any members of the public and established that the dogs were back with their owner, who was visited and given advice around keeping his animals secure.

“No criminal offences or injuries to members of the public have been reported.”

It’s an offence to let a dog be dangerously out of control whether that’s in public or private.

A dog is considered to be out of control if it:

injures someone

makes someone worried that it might injure them

A court could also decide that your dog is dangerously out of control if:

  • it attacks someone’s animal
  • the owner of an animal thinks they could be injured if they tried to stop your dog attacking their animal

Source Metropolitan Police


  1. Pete Doherty had two of these…???????? And lost them overnight once then went looking for them then got nicked I think for banned drivin … allegedly…

    • A year or so ago I reported a dog that attacked me and my dog. Police action after several requests have led to the do merely being kept on a lead. I know the police are under resourced but I feel this was a pretty poor response

  2. So it’s an offence if they injure or attempt to injure a person……. but not a family pet!!!!! So what if one of those pet owners went out to try & stop the killing of there beloved pet & these husky’s came growling towards the owner, would that be classed as attempt to injure or harm a person?

  3. If it’s the same owner, son and father?.this has happened many times before always an excuse, not fair on the dogs they need removing and the owners need to be band from owning animals. Very sorry to hear another pet has die because of bad owners

    • 100% these two dogs living in horrible conditions in that house and the way owner drags them for a walk is animal abuse… They need to be removed and both owners banned for life to keep any animals!

  4. Not the first time these dogs have got loose and killed cats owners son extreamly abusive to previous victims owner. They should have the dogs removed and banned from keeping any animal.

  5. The RSPCA site says a dog us dangerous if it attacks or injures a person or other animal. Now they have the taste if blood I dread to think what will happen next!

  6. I read that the dogs involved in these incidents have been causing havoc in the Millmead area of Margate on many occasions since 2017, killing and injuring pets in the area with the dogs owners showing little or or no remorse for the pain and distress caused to pets and their owners.

  7. Do not think those dogs will not attack small children. They are human friendly because of size. You don’t read about cats killing people for the same reason. If nothing is done you may be reading something very bad one of these days. The owners are supposed to be responsible for their animals.

  8. His dogs are not cared for correctly (I live opposite) I rarely see them taken out, when they are finally out the man has zero control over them!
    It’s it’s bull that they haven’t got out in 15 months because just a few months ago (4 at most) they got out and attacked one of my cars in my front garden! I had to round them up and take them home!
    I told him what had happened and his response was to laugh I’m my face!
    Comments from the owner to those that lost their pets yesterday morning is just disgusting!! Saying “I was going to offer to pay for vets bills…..now I hope they just rot”
    – so he doesn’t like cats, doesn’t care if his dogs kill them and the police do nothing?! Says it all about Thanet really doesn’t it.
    These dogs need to be taken away and separated before being rehomed! It KEEPS happening and it’s not the first time they have killed others pets, this is the 4th occasion on which they have got out and killed an animals!!
    How long will it be until someones baby is crawling in their garden and it gets mauled to death by these 2 dogs?

  9. This case needs to go to court and the owner prosecuted. He has animals that are dangerous and kill. He is totally culpable and as I understand it has happened in the past, which is totally unacceptable. My concern is, as if it’s not bad enough, would these dogs maime a small child? As they killed domestic pets it raises the question ” How safe are these husky dogs to the public?” How can an incident like this which is not isolated be ignored? The owner has a duty of care and is obligated to ensure others are safe around them and that includes animals too! There is no doubt in my mind that this owner needs to be prosecuted.

    • This may come as a surprise Donna, and to others, I was once elected as an RSPCA Trustee, and the Police do not have trained animal inspectors, nor does Thanet District Council! They can only take evidence from the RSPCA who do have trained animal inspectors, but at present the RSPCA have a policy NOT to take action, only in the event of an emergency, and an animal is in distress! Also, the RSPCA can’t seize a dog a) because they have nowhere to keep it, and b) it can only be done by the police!

      So, if the RSPCA policy is to not take action, because they don’t have the resources, or inspectors to investigate, to recommend the police seize a dog, then there is nothing that can be done! Also, Huskies are not pets! They are working dogs, and why anyone wants to keep 2 of them, without complying with the Animal Welfare Act, is beyond me! My suggestion is that the owners of the cats, and rabbit that were killed or injured, should look at making a claim under Criminal Damage of your property! The police should do this for you, but they probably won’t because like the RSPCA, they don’t have the resources! Get legal advice! This year I reported dog ill treatment quoting the Animal Welfare Act clauses, to the police by letter 4 times, twice by Recorded Delivery, and never received a single reply!

  10. The law needs to change to give cats as much protection as dogs if they are knocked down on the road, or attacked by dogs etc. Then the owners of out of control dogs could be prosecuted. It’s not the husky dogs’ fault that they keep getting out. It’s the irresponsible owner’s fault!

    • My daughters dog was killed by another dog;while out walking with my dog; and daughter. The Police felt more sorry for the owner of the dog who had no control of her dog. He should pay for cremation costs;and stop putting things on Line. If he thinks it is funny then he clearly needs to seek Professional help.

  11. You can sign the CHANGE.ORG Petition in support of MINI’s LAW AS IT IS COVERED BY CURRENT DOGS OUT OF CONTROL LAWS after cat ripped apart while asleep in her own front garden.Kathy has details and may publish.It is always the keeper not dog to blame.

  12. You have my deepest sympathy.my daughter and myself know how you feel. My daughters dog was killed by a dog it’s owner couldn’t control.It has left my daughter; and my dog nervous of Large dog’s. He should pay the cremation costs. /and stop posting things onLine; if he thinks it is funny then he needs Professional help.

  13. Think this is disgusting! I have a husky and she is so good with our other animals, these men are giving huskies a bad name!

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