Get ready for Margate Pride 2021

Margate Pride Photo Frank Leppard(*No parade this year)

By Jodie Nesling

Margate Pride returns this month with Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle headlining at Dreamland’s Scenic Stage.

The pop star will perform alongside DJs including So Solid Crew’s Lisa Maffia, drag troupe, Sink the Pink, Jodie Harsh, Pride founder, Amy Zing and Margate’s Janet District Council.

A range of fabulous activities aimed to celebrate the town’s LGBTQ+ community and to raise awareness will also take place across the town, including the Sundeck and Oval Bandstand.

Dreamland stage at sunset for Margate Pride 2021

Nadine Coyle is one fifth of girl band Girls Aloud, achieving  twenty-one UK Top Ten singles, twenty of those consecutively. In 2010 Nadine began her journey as a solo artist.  She will be playing a range of solo and Girls Aloud hits.

Margate-based Lisa Maffia is British singer-songwriter, musician, rapper, actress, fashion designer, model and presenter who was the main female member of So Solid Crew. She DJs and performs tracks throughout her set. 

Jodie Harsh is the London DJ icon and reigning Queen supreme over international nightlife. The DJ, writer/producer and club-brand creator is famous for her trademark blonde beehive and thumping DJ sets at clubs, festivals and A-list parties across the planet.

Amy Zing and Jodie Harsh

Sink the Pink are the UK’s largest LGBTQ+ club night, and can’t wait to bring the drag and the bangers to Dreamland for Margate pride 2021. Amy Zing is co-founder of Sink The Pink and Pride; she has been DJing at prides and festivals for 15+ years. She will be joined onstage by members of Margate Pride’s drag family to close celebrations.

Janet District Council Picture: Larnen Hawker

Janet District Council is Margate’s number 1 drag queen, house mother of the Executive Xanadu Collective, and a roller skating legend  across Kent, she’s also a killer DJ who will open the pride celebrations at Dreamland.

Saturday, August 14 – 3pm – 11pm.


Margate Pride Art Trail 

Located across Margate and Cliftonville the ever-popular Art Trail will appear  in multiple venues throughout August. They include the Red Flags open call exhibition at The Margate School, Elissa Cray’s Pride Portraits at Resort Studios, and Julian J Smith and Thelma Spiers at Margate Arts Club.

Margate Pride at the Oval Bandstand

Saturday, August 14

Family morning 11am-1pm

Storytime with Helen Ramsorrun, the Broadstairs choir, kids rainbow yoga with Zoe Smith, family activities with Amie Taylor and a performance from the Margate Kinky Boots cast. Free tickets…/margate-pride-daytime

Afternoon schedule 1.30pm-7pm 

Social singing choir, rally from Sue Sanders, Josh Rivers, Reeta Loi and music from Reeta and DJ Gin and Mx Margate a very queer beauty pageant hosted by Amy Zing and Casey Sea.

Free tickets…/margate-pride-2021-tickets

Mx Margate  – A Very Queer Beauty Pageant

This inaugural event will see a new Queen of Margate crowned who will then take centre-stage at the Pride Parade next year.Rounds Include: 

Poise – The contestant must look poised. Therefore, you must possess the presence to fulfil this heady responsibility with dignity, class, grace, or the complete lack of any of these traits.

Performance – What kind of talent should Mx Margate 2021 display? That is a question that only you can answer. 

Power – if you could change the world, what would you do?

The total of a contestant’s power is arbitrarily judged by their responses to a series of ridiculous questions

Saturday, August 14, 5pm – Oval Bandstand. Free

Drag Kick Ball and Sports Day and Picnic

A new sporty section is making its first appearance.

Compete against Team Drag at Margate Pride’s first Drag KickBall match.(KickBall is like rounders with a big ball)

Other games include:

Lesbian Spoon Race

Handbag tossing

Drag Race Relay

Saturday, September 18, 2pm. – Oval Bandstand. Free. 

Find details of all Margate Pride events here


    • I think there is a political undercurrent . Lots of radical gender politics going on. Its trying to be too radical and in your face. Organisers just aren’t interested in older people or their views . This comes across very strongly. Lots of people with links to local Labour party . Really puts me off not my cup of tea at all .

  1. I’m s gay man in a same sex marriage. I can actually understand though not condone the negative quite anti gay comments hear. The whole Pride think has got so political . It’s been captured by the far left and is actually quite aggressive. I really dislike the fashion for using the word Queer. It’s all over the advertising I have seen plus the use of F word too. It’s not nice at all Radical gender feminist thing is very much a feature of these events. It’s clear all this is prvoking a very hostile reaction . Most gay men aren’t raging exhibitionist reds . I find the whole thing quite disturbing . It is fueling a new wave of homophobia.

    • As a gay man I find the use of the term Queer absolutely vile. Perhaps consider others opinions . I’m not condoning hostile comments but what do you expect or is not provocation part of the woke agenda .

  2. I cannot believe the homophobic comments in this thread. I will be reporting this website for allowing this. Disgusting behaviour by theisleofthanetnews. All comments have been screenshot and I’ll be posting them on social media. Part of Pride is to celebrate overcoming people’s backward mindsets like this. Utterly disgusting.

    • Comments are not manually moderated but any that are not acceptable are removed when I am aware of them. It’s rather sad that some feel the need to post hurtful comments

  3. I’d love to bring my kids to the family session… What’s the security like though?
    Hope it’s not going to be a bit like Folk Week where people are just on the booze all day then it all kicks off.
    Also, I’m not exactly faint of heart but hope there won’t be an abundance of profanity about? I want to educate my children, not scare them off

    • Exactly my point. Profanity and sexual politics is a feature of these events. It’s not sophisticated at all and the organisers and some of the attendees really don’t give a fig . They are quick to find offence but don’t respect the opinions and feelings of others. To be honest it’s not a place for childre.

  4. I do see that people have the right of an opinion and that is not respected. I don’t see the Audrey comment as that terrible. It doesn’t warrant making a real fuss about it. It’s not threatening or abusive. I’m a 65 year old gay man and I don’t feel threatened by such comments. Call out real homophobia but let’s not rise to this trivial stuff.

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