This month’s walk-in covid clinics at Saga in Ramsgate

The vaccination programme

Walk in clinics for covid vaccinations are continuing at the Saga site in Ramsgate despite not being shown on the Kent & Medway clinical commissioning group website.

Headed up by the Margate/Mocketts GP hub the sessions take place this month on:

Tuesday August 3 – 09:00 -13:00 / 13:30 -17:00

Thursday, August 5 – 09:00 -13:00 / 13:30 -17:00

Saturday, August 7 – 09:00 -13:00 / 13:30 -17:00

Thursday, August 12 – 08:00 -13:00 / 13:30 -17:30

Saturday, August 14 – 13:30 -17:30

Thursday, August 19 – 13:30 -17:30

Saturday, August 21 – 13:30 -17:30

Tuesday, August 24 – 09:00 -13:00 / 13:30 -17:30

Thursday, August 26 – 09:00 -13:00 / 13:30 -17:30

Saturday, August 28 – 08:00-13:00 / 13:30 – 17:30

First and second doses for Pfizer and second dose for AstraZeneca.


  1. Its a free vaccine, its really easy for all employers to ensure all their customer facing or back room staff are current covid clean.

    Kind of a no brainier. Its possible no win n o fees type reclaim companies will migrate into recovering costs from businesses that may have passed on the virus.
    Keeping staff records and actually ensure staff have a wash before attending work should be considered as normal.
    Who wants to visit venues or business where staff are not fully vaccinated ?

    Others will disagree, businesses can ensure they will not fall short.

    Anyway i so appreciate how the nhs have rolled out the vaccination campaign.

    Hey, many thank’s

  2. Informed consent is always key for this experimental gene-therapy on emergency licence with trials not ending until 2023, and no initial trials involving fertility or amongst pregnant women or knowledge of long term safety Safety concerns are now hitting the mainstream media, with the lasted government/MHRA Yellow Card results showing over 1.1 million adverse reactions and over 1,500 deaths, with figures much higher across Europe and in the US (EMA and CDC official figures). And these figures are always thought to be 1 to 10 per cent of the true figures. The Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) is looking at growing evidence to dispute the effectiveness of the jabs with infection rates for the fully jabbed no better than those who refused to take part in the experiment. Public Health Scotland latests statistics, when analysed, seem to show the majority of people allegedly dying from covid19 had been vaccinated against it. Employers do not ensure a safe environment for their clientele by coercing their employers into taking this experimental jab, which doesn’t not prevent the jabbed still getting and passing on covid19, or suffering the dangers of ADE – antibody-dependent enhancement or the numerous serious side effects now recorded medically globally. Many lawyers are now fighting cases of employees being coerced and this is just one example from a lawyer: ‘The press has reported that some employers are exploring the possibility of “no jab, no job” clauses for employees, yet human rights and medical ethics watchdogs have warned against this in the strongest possible terms – as multiple human rights treaties, including the Nuremberg Code (1) and UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (2) make it abundantly clear that consent to medical procedures must be voluntary, and free of all coercion. Clearly, making the retainment of employment dependent on vaccination status would represent an immense level of coercion, and therefore would be illegal under national and international law.’

    • Why would I take an experimental treatment for something I don’t have, am unlikely to get, and should I get get have a 99% chance of surviving.
      It doesn’t even stop transmission,

      • Yep, deaths which we were told the jabs would reduce astronomically are rising daily & I highly doubt they are in the youngster category either.

    • Maybe for the elderly-the average Covid death age is after all nearly 83. Obese people the other big category, but of course being a healthy weight is the best thing you can do to stop illness in general, including this virus.

    • Dr Anthony Hinton – “COVID jabs for children are all of the risk for none of the benefit.”. There are no long term safety studies Andrew, you must know that if you have done even preliminary research.

      • Next they will be wanting to jab babies. I notice yesterday that Moderna & Pfizer put up the prices of their vaccines by 10% & 25%, but their interest isn’t profit of course.

  3. I would like to see it made mandatory for people to be vaccinated! I have pointed out tirelessly to so called Democrat, that s/he is suffering from pillockism, which is incurable and no vaccine exists! I had an aunty who died of Tuberculosis (TB) before there was any vaccinations, leaving my uncle to bring up their baby alone! When I went into the army (circa 1960) I was inoculated against Typhoid, Cholera, Tetanus, and Yellew Fever before being sent to the Cameroons, West Africa. Dipheria, Poliomyelitis, Small Pox, Cow Pox, measles, whooping cough, and any amount of once lethal diseases have been eliminated due to medical science in the developed world at least, by vaccinations!

    There are some 3.2 million people like me, elderly, and “Clinically Extremely Vulnerable” who will be dead, if they get the virus, we are mostly still self isolating, although we have been double jabbed, because there is still doubt that the vaccine may not be fully effective! Over 500 people in Thanet alone have died of the virus, and nearly 130,000 in the UK have died, because they were not fully vaccinated! So, so called democrat get help, because you and people like you could kill people like me, if you have the virus, and like a third of similar people are symptom free, so spreading it around killing people, or is that what you like doing?

    • You don’t event understand what you are saying Dumpton. We are born into this world free. Nobody was ever forced to have them other jabs. People like you need to be stood up to. Ideas like yours are dictatorship ideas

      • Ideas like Dumpton’s above are sensible, socially-minded ideas. I’m sure Dumpton knows and accepts that some people have health conditions which prevent them from being vaccinated.

        • If you think Mengele’s experiments were good then you probably think Dumpton wanting to bypass everybodies right to make their own choice about what to put in their bodies-yes.

    • Oh Dumpton, get off your self-righteous high horse! Some people may prefer to take their chances with Covid, rather than risk being vaccinated with a vaccine that hasn’t been fully tested, and the possible side effects and complications are still unknown. The vaccine hasn’t been proved to be totally effective yet and some people have still tested positive for Covid despite being jabbed twice. If you are so confident that you’re “immune” now because you have been vaccinated, what’s your problem with people who aren’t? 🙄 🤔

  4. And how do you want it to be made mandatory exactly? At gunpoint like the Nazi’s? You want people walking around having to show papers like the Stazi era just to be allowed basic human rights? What a world to yearn for. The reality is enforced vaccination in the UK in the 1800’s was a total disaster & also many people cannot have the jabs for legitimate health reasons. The idea of enforcing what a person can have in their body against their will is repulsive-especially when people have & continue to die from side effects from these jabs-the most common being blood clots &/or lapsing into a coma-that is why it is every persons right to make their own decision with their body.

    Your claim that if an elderly person gets Covid that it results in death is ludicrous-many old people barely have any symptoms & many recover-including a 100 year old woman. No jab will ever be 100% effective-that includes the flu jab for something that kills many elderly every year, but neither you or the government are insisting everybody in the UK let alone the earth gets it to protect you are you?

    Let’s get a grip on reality-the average age of death from Covid is effectively the average human life expectancy. 130 thousand dead after 18 odd months in a nation of 70 odd million & the majority of those elderly, obese-notice you aren’t demanding they lose weight-which is of course the best thing anybody can do to lessen your chances of death or serious illness from disease generally & those with disabilities.

    Your claim is flawed because many who have supposedly died from Covid had other serious health issues that were likely the real cause of death-but Covid was put down instead-the NHS due to negligence gave many Covid by putting them on Covid wards for no reason other than the usual incompetence & killed many as a result. Also aside from the claims made about how effective they are against the Delta variant obviously being yet more baloney having the jabs does not stop you from contracting it or passing it on to anybody else-the only claim made is about the drops in deaths which as we have seen is not true & decreased hospital admissions-which is slightly reducing after a period of increasing.

    As for being double vaxxed being the thing that stops deaths, then why are we seeing the number of deaths rising every day & until the last week the number of hospital admissions were rising? Wasn’t that the promise made that getting double vaxxed would cut your chances of death or ending up in hospital by a huge amount? What happened there then? You can bet it isn’t the younger people dying from it-why don’t you wake up & realise you have been sold a bill of goods by the pharma companies who are only interested in money & the government-many of whom own lots of shares in certain companies or have friends in high places at certain companies?

    Pharma companies have a long history of lying to & hiding trial data from regulators & governments to get things to market-not heard of the Opioid epidemic for instance? Why one might ask have they been indemnified from any deaths or life changing side-effects, to where the government decide if you get anything or how much?

    • 100%!
      & the government won’t ever be paying out for any vaccine complications, that has always been clearly stated on .Gov, not that the government are ever likely to publish the death by vaccination figures anyway! So win win for them!

  5. Government press conference 4 Aug with JCVI (Independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) regarding allowing the experimental gene-therapy for 16-17 year olds. The Daily Express asked JCVI whether they had evidence to back up claims that this was suitable for this age group – and safe. JCVI replied that they had the intention to publish this, BUT all the evidence to be published was NOT in their hands, they had spoken to academic partners but the timing was not in their hands. In other words, they have no scientific proof on hand to show anyone that this is safe. For instance, no evidence that fertility is not a concern. No evidence that more young boys will not suffer from myacardis after the jab, which will be with them for the rest of their lives. Any good journalists would have questioned this, not in the censored media circus. This is straight out of a totalitarian playbook and the more astute amongst us can see the behavioural psychology being used to nudge and coerce the young to take a jab that can still allow you to get and pass on the virus, and according to this search Covid-19 vax can worsen the clinical disease. Not too good for anyone immunised compromised who took it I imagine. Informed consent is key as this study highlights: “Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease”

    • Ah yes, hurling personal insults-the refuge of somebody who cannot refute the points made. Carry on getting your Daily Mail briefings.

  6. You need to look at your own words Dumpton ‘Many will be sympton free’. Scary pandemic when many sufferers are sympton free isn’t it. Get a grip. Your ideas and the fact a number of people agree is actually a disgrace to humanity. Havent you learnt anything from history?

    • It is indeed worrying when you cannot tell if you are interacting with someone who has the virus or not.

  7. Who’s nasty when anti vaxxers may be spreading the virus? A third of all people with the virus do not have any symptoms, so are walking around spreading it, and if I and millions more like me get it, we are dead! Anti-vaxxers can kill, so who is nastier? Get jabbed, that includes everyone, its the socially responsible thing to do! If you don’t because of some pseudo ridiculous argument, then you are anti-social (& a Pillock!)

    • I think you genuinely need to do some research Dumpton. You have taken it on way too much emotionally. We can start off with the fact that not a single under 18 without chronic disease has died of Covid. Even the ones who did could have passed from their disease. Then we can move onto the fact that the average age of someone dying of covid is way into their 80s. Even with marking it down as Covid death just because they had it in their system in the last 28 days. I dread to think how many could marked down as dying with the common flu or cold in their system if they done that. In reality very very few are actually dying directly from Covid. If you compared the amount of people dying directly from Covid to the number having complications from the Vaccine the vaccine is likely to be more dangerous. They are still recruiting pregnant women to do trials. So they don’t actually know the full effects yet on pregnant women. It’s becoming more known that smaller nations have been pressured into buying into the pandemic and lockdown to receive major amount of financial relief. The Mexican president spoke out against the Vaccine and the gear mongering and has since had his country placed on the red list, despite having much lower cases than others moved onto the Amber list. Instead of slating people for wanting to be careful of what they put in their bodies and ordering them to be imprisoned you need to look away from bbc or itv news and do your research to realise you are in very little danger. I would be having it if I thought there was enough reason for concern. I get your fear, but you sound like a pretty vicious person from the things you are saying because of it, even though no doubt you are a decent person

    • Dumpton if you are so scared for your miserable little life stay indoors and, old man it takes a pillock to know one so think on before you resort to name calling it is the actions of a child,at your age too, quite pitiful really

  8. What research are anti-vaxxers doing? Is it impartial or are they choosing things they know they will agree with?

  9. Dumpton’s views sound fine to me. Perhaps some people didn’t realize he was being sarcastic in some of his postings.

  10. Marva you are old enough to know what happened to the Jews at the hands of the Nazis. Dumptons comments (now deleted) about non vaccinated people being rounded up put in a camp and guarded and having their NHS number inked on their foreheads was sick not sarcastic that sort of comment is not acceptable He is old enough to know better too

  11. It was pretty strong sarcasm, but Dumpton has a perfect right to respond to these conspiracy-theory believers and especially when they themselves compare his views to those of the Nazis.

  12. Yes Marva he does have the right just as those who do not want the jab have the right to refuse it, comments like his are vile, sarcasm or not he should not have said it unless of course you agree with him?

  13. I completely agree with Dumpton that all those who are not medically exempt from being vaccinated should be vaccinated.

  14. Its reported in my newspaper this morning (7/8/21) that 55% of all hospitalisations in the UK are down to people NOT being vaccinated against the virus! Get jabbed, don’t be a Pillock! Incidentally, had Germany won the war, half my family, including me would have been exterminated!

    • Is pillock a new word you’ve learnt Herr Dumpton? you certainly like using it a lot and I could not care less about you or your family.As I have said previously if you are scared that you might contract covid from someone stay indoors or you could do as a great many people are doing, that is getting on with their lives your CHOICE Dumpton CHOICE.

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