Covid vaccination bus stopping at Westwood Cross to offer walk-in service

Westwood Cross

A vaccination bus will be at Westwood Cross shopping centre car park on Sunday (August 1).

The bus will have both Pfizer and AstraZeneca and is open for walk-ins between 10am and 4pm for anyone aged over 18.

No appointment is needed but people must bring proof of age.

Both doses are available, providing you meet the guidance of eight weeks between doses. 

If you can’t attend the walk-in clinics you can still book online.



  1. Unfortunately most of the younger generation have made their decision on vaccination. Covid passport is the way forward…..

    • Didn’t work in the 1800’s when it was tried, it was a total disaster. It would be a total betrayal of trust & trampling over basic human rights-maybe you want to live in a segregated state reminiscent of Apartheid South Africa or Jim Crow/Lester Maddox America, or something out of 1984/Stasi East Germany, but most don’t.

    • So manipulation is ok is it ? Since when do we have to bribe people to having a medical treatment? Didn’t start with gas chambers. If I think this is ok then u are part of the problem

  2. Unfortunately most of the younger generation have made their decision on vaccination. Covid passport is the way forward…..

      • People like yourself is the reason the communist dictatorship was so easy to implement Phyllis. Sad sad world we have now

        • When my mother died in 1996, and as I was going through her old papers I found her war time Identity Card! All adults during the war had to have an Identity Card so whats the problem now? In any case, a card saying you have been vaccinated against a killer disease (510 dead in Thanet alone so far!) is not an ID card, it will only last as long as the disease lasts!

          My Building Society asked me to prove my identity when I wanted to get a new Debit card, and said a Driving License, or Passport would do. Well, I never renewed my Driving License when it ran out in 2012, and did the same when my Passport ran out! In any case a Passport doesn’t have your address on it! What else, a utility Bill, again how many people actually get a paper Bill anymore? No, I can’t see the problem, unless the police start asking to see your Vaccinated Card during stop and search, then that could be a problem, but not for me, I’m not black so won’t get stopped!

  3. Given that our own natural immune system is the key to good health, I wonder why people would rush for experimental gene therapy, on emergency licence, with trials not finished until 2023, with no long term safety data or trials including pregnant women or those needing good fertility. These details do not appear to be given to people attending these centres, and therefore there is often no informed consent. Lawyers argue that liability for vax damage then rests with those involved in giving the injections and, certainly, the MHRA/Government’s yellow card system now shows over 1.08 million adverse reactions across the UK and a minimum of 1,490 deaths. As I’ve previously said, the yellow card system is thought to pick up only 1 to 10 per cent of the true cases and I certainly hear ongoing stories from pharmacists on the side effects they are witnessing in customers. Data here is based purely on government statistics., and the European EMA and US CDC systems show similar pattern

    • Which pharmacists have told you about”the side effects they are witnessing in customers”? I would like to know so that I can avoid their workplaces in future- i don’t want to frequent places where personal information given to the pharmacist is shared with strangers.

      • Yet under the passport rules you will be required to show your personal details & medical records to total strangers everywhere you go.

        • Will I? I thought I’d just show them the little card I got from the person who vaccinated me. I could also show my bus pass with its photo of me- I expect that’ll be enough.

    • Because most people are mindless sheep who just do what the government & media tell them to do. Even now that it is blatantly obvious that these vaccines are not as effective against the Delta variant & a large number of those in hospital have been double jabbed-the promise(lie)of course was being double jabbed would keep hospital admissions down which as we have seen was another lie & our wonderful government are doing everything they can to let new variants in which means endless jabs.

      Now of course comes the propaganda/hatred spewed from the government & media toward those not jabbed-which as we are seeing is turning into a witch hunt & superiority/smugness from many of the public as a result, just like the blame for the Kent variant being irresponsible young people-the reality of course is this just a natural way of how these viruses mutate.

      Very sad that people cannot see that the promises of freedom were & are a total fabrication & that they are signing up for a Stasi state now where people will be expected to hand over their medical records to random people-just in order to garner basic services & where will it end exactly? Nightclubs & entertainment venues in a couple of months, but then what? To buy food to live? To step outside your front gate? We already live in a state where we are constantly spied on by GCHQ & other agencies, CCTV pretty much everywhere filming us, yet people cannot wait to sign any basic human rights away. This from a government who have bragged about wanting to scrap that pesky human rights act.

      • “a large number of those in hospital have been double jabbed-” quite so. And the more people who get vaccinated, the larger that proportion will be. When 100% of the population is vaccinated, then 100% of people with covid will have been double jabbed.
        If you don’t understand the figures, best keep out of it.

        • The promise was getting double jabbed would keep you out of hospital as it would protect you from the serious side effects. That has been the big selling point for getting it-the reality is totally different & as we have discussed before 100% vaccination is not a reality & never will be.

          • A double dose will give very high protection against hospitalization and death. It will reduce symptoms significantly in the case of minor infection.
            No vaccine is 100%, but AZ, Pfizer and Moderna are giving protection in the order of >90% for serious consequences of catching CV.
            It will not be possible to get the whole population vaccinated, partly because of the dangerously irresponsible comments by the likes of you and Democrat.
            Fortunately, it will only require about 85% of us to be vaccinated, in order for the likes of you to be safer.

        • The reality is of course very different. The ‘likes of me’ in reality will not be safer-the best safety is wearing a mask & keeping your distance-something I have observed for over a year now & will continue to do so.

          Let’s begin with a statistic that might surprise you, and possibly alarm you.

          Of those dying of COVID-19 in recent months, a comfortable majority – around 64% – had received at least a single dose of one of the vaccines.

          It is there in black and white on Public Health England’s data tables: of the 460 people who died between February and July having tested positive for the Delta variant, 289 had been double-jabbed; some 65 had received one dose. And 165 had not been vaccinated at all.

    • I have told you before so called Democrat, and all anti vaxxers, you are suffering from Pillockism, there is no cure, or vaccine for it, but it can be managed, get help! As I have often said, how many people do you know who have died or suffered from Poliomyelitis, Dipheria, Cow Pox, Small Pox, Typhoid, Cholera, Tetanus, Measles, whooping cough, make your own list, the answer is none, because medical science has wiped them out, at least in the developed countries! Are you and your like, getting off by trying to stop people getting vaccinated, so they die, or become seriously ill!

      I am registered as being “clinically extremely vulnerable”, and should some numpty like you so called Democrat, give me the virus because a third of people who have it are symptom free, you will kill me, just because you like getting off on this half baked idea, Duuurh!

  4. 1500 deaths due to the vaccine; 150,000 deaths due to Covid.
    It’s 100 times safer getting vaccinated than not.
    There are fewer side effects than from long haul flying or taking the contraceptive pill.
    Vaccination is a well tried and tested intervention, saving countless lives since Edward Jenner began inoculation people against smallpox.
    The anti covid vaccines have been years in the making. They were based on vaccines developed for MERS and SARS, tweaked a little. 80 million doses have been administered in the UK, and billions world wide. Without the vaccines, and the wholehearted willingness of enlightened people in enlightened countries, the World would be in a very grave state.
    Remember: it’s 100 times safer to get vaccinated than not.

    • The numbers are impossible to substantiate-how many were marked down as Covid but died of other health issues such as age & pre-existing health conditions? Obesity etc? It will be interesting if we can ever find out how many died after being put on red wards with Covid patients even thought it turned out they didn’t have it, contracted it in hospital due to government & NHS incompetence & then died as a result.

      The reality is your risk of death or serious health issues if you are a reasonably fit individual is minimal in the extreme. The average death age from it is roughly that of the average human life expectancy.

    • Come on Andre start reading between the lines. 20k deaths a year on average in the UK from common flu. How many deaths if we include those who died with a cold or flu in their system the last 28 days. Thats a serious pandemic we would have. Its said that even Boris Johnson didn’t get destroying the whole economy when the truth is only over 80s are directly dying from it. Look into how many presidents of smaller nations have been assisnated for refusing the vaccines for their nation

      • I expect there are almost as many ways of reading between the lines as there are people reading the lines.

      • People from every age group are dying from CV.
        Equally of concern is the impact of Long Covid, which appears to affect younger people, making their lives unliveable for months.

        • Yes, but in young people the death rate is incredibly tiny & they nearly always have underlying health issues such as obesity or a disability/serious health condition. Now we have the disgraceful tactic of the government & junk food manufacturers working hand in hand, in a rapidly expanding nation of obese people trying to bribe young people into having it with the promise of free pizzas, kebabs etc.

          Long Covid will vary from person to person & things like mono & the flu can leave you feeling like garbage for a long time-we have never jabbed young people with that vaccine just because that risk exists. Besides which there are treatments & therapies to help now.

    • 😂 u seriously can not have done any proper research if u believe that. Far more deaths have occurred from the jab and thousands of people left with terrible life changing effects from it. More people have died from the Covid jab than all vaccines put together over the last 20 years. The number of people are how many have died with covid not from Covid. No long term data on the Covid jab that’s a fact that no one know what the future holds for the jabbed. But u enjoy believing your tv

      • An important thing to consider is that far more people have died of covid than of the covid jab. By a couple of orders of magnitude. It is 100 times safer to be vaccinated than not.
        And as for “terrible life changing effects” just look at the effects of long covid.
        There’s no long term data about covid vaccines because they’ve only been available for a few months. There was no long term data for Jenner’s anti smallpox inoculation; there is now; smallpox is just about eradicated.

    • Good article Buddy Lion ; “Behind the scenes, scientists and medical experts are concerned that rushing a vaccine could end up worsening the infection in some patients rather than preventing it Studies have suggested that coronavirus vaccines carry the risk of what is known as vaccine enhancement, where instead of protecting against infection, the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus. The mechanism that causes that risk is not fully understood and is one of the stumbling blocks that has prevented the successful development of a coronavirus vaccine.

      Normally, researchers would take months to test for the possibility of vaccine enhancement in animals. Given the urgency to stem the spread of the new coronavirus, some drugmakers are moving straight into small-scale human tests, without waiting for the completion of such animal tests.

      And this is from Reuter Press Agency being used as a fact checker by social media corps. – so hard for some here to dismiss the source :)….

      • They aren’t interested, that Andrew accuses you & I of irresponsible comments-neither of us have said don’t get the jab, or ranted about 5G masts, microchips or any other tin-foil hat nonsense, but any dissenting opinion from that presented in the media by the government now has to be called anti-vax, anti-science etc shows you how far entrenched the latest mass panic is. Most people raising concerns are actually pro vax & science, but it is easier just to throw that at them to try to shut them up.

        Only time will tell what the long term effects of all these jabs will be-both in terms of as you say over vaxing, just like the NHS have spent decades over-prescribing antibiotics to where in the future a simple cut could kill people & hooking people on deadly painkillers they don’t need-just like the US health system that led the way & of course what long-term effects these things could have-we already know they can cause heart issues, cause people to go into comas & die, cause other organ issues, possibly to lose limbs-as happened to a US lady after she was injected recently. We have no idea what will happen years down the line-will people develop auto-immune diseases? That is the problem with rushing things through & using the entire worlds population as guinea pigs.

        Decades of not being able to create a vaccine of this type & suddenly in a year or so many of them are now on the market & the manufactures in an industry littered with falsified trial data covering up adverse side effects & deaths to become richer get indemnity from any side effects & it is up to the government to decide if you get anything should the worst happen. No thanks.

  5. With 460 people a day dying of heart disease why not send a bus full of nutritionists to educate the public on how to live a long and healthy life. Possibly they could give away free vitimin D and information on how people can boost their natural immunity.
    Sending a vaccine bus is a total waste of money. People that don’t want the vaccine shouldn’t be constantly pestered! It’s proving very unsafe already with many deaths and only time will tell just how many more will suffer from long term implications or early death

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