£6.5m government investment for Thanet for flooding and coastal erosion protection


Thanet will benefit from £6.5m of investment to help protect against flooding and coastal erosion.

The funding comes as part of the Government’s £860 million investment to protect communities from flooding in 2021-22, and part of a wider record investment of £5.2 billion into protection from flooding and coastal erosion over the next six years.

A consultation will be launched in the autumn looking at how to better protect frequently flooded communities.

Some 913 homes and businesses in Thanet will be better protected from flooding and coastal erosion by 2026-27, as part of the plans.

The Flood and Coastal Erosion Investment Plan outlines how £5.2 billion of investment over the next six years will be spent, including more than £860 million in 2021-22 on boosting the design and construction of more than 1,000 flooding alleviation schemes.

Some 294 homes will benefit from £2.2 million of investment in 2021-22, as part of the £860 million worth of investment.

.The consultation in the autumn will look at how to better protect frequently flooded communities, following a call for evidence earlier this year.

It will consider how to strengthen the assessment of local circumstances, such as where areas have flooded on multiple occasions, when allocating funding during the six-year plan.

The Government is also bringing in tighter guidance for planning authorities.

Improvements to flood insurance such as measures to allow flooded households to claim extra money to install property flood resilience measures – like air brick covers, flood doors and flood resistant paint – and measures to tackle the risks from surface water flooding are also included in the plans.

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay said: “Flooding can devastate communities and so we must put the necessary protections in place to tackle it.

“The £6.5 million to protect 913 homes in Thanet will help to deliver on this by boosting the design and construction of flood alleviation schemes and putting the necessary measures in place to protect homes from flooding and coastal erosion.

“This will help to guard homes and families from the devastating impact of flooding, allowing people to feel reassured about the safety of their home.”

Environment Secretary, George Eustice, added: “The tragic recent events in Germany and Belgium serve as a sobering reminder of how devastating flooding can be.

“We are standing by communities and will bolster defences against flooding across England with many thousands more properties better protected by 2027.

“It’s important we take action right across the system. Our comprehensive plan will achieve this by tightening planning procedures, helping more people access insurance and making homes more resilient to flooding.”


  1. Kathy Bailes advises “Some 913 homes and businesses in Thanet will be better protected from flooding and coastal erosion by 2026-27, as part of the plans.”

    Do we know which part(s) of Thanet this refers to. ? One wonders how much is the fault of KCC Highways and TDC planning officers and committee.

  2. There are at least three problems.
    1) Building on flood planes. Say no more.
    2) Isostacy: since the end of the last Ice Age, the south east of the country (ie us) has been steadily sinking into the sea.
    3) Climate change: in addition to 2, the oceans are rising because of heating of the oceans, and melting of the ice caps.
    What the government is doing is simply tinkering round the edges.

  3. It would be a good time, and not a waste of money, to finish the Sea Wall between Epple Bay in Birchington, to West Bay in Westgate.
    I have never understood why this was left to erode without protection.
    Just do it! (thanks Nike)

  4. Another pot of money given to improve Thanet that in a few years we will have no idea where it went….

  5. It would be good to see the TDC accounts and where this money has been spent, won’t happen of course.

  6. It’s a complete waste of money.
    Canute couldn’t turn the sea back, and neither can Craig Mackinlay.
    A really, really good plan would be to not build on flood plains. They do what it says on the tin: they flood. Don’t build hundreds of new homes on that flat meadow by the river, then wonder why they’re under 3 ft of water several times a day.
    Another really good idea: dig up all the paved and concrete over front gardens, so that when it rains, there’s a chance for it to soak away rather than flash straight into the drains, overwhelming the sewers, and flooding.

  7. Look out for floods at Walmer, Westgate. Tivoli,and Dane Valley all these get very wet and flooded. Read the local history books.

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