Two men jailed for attack and robbery in Margate

Jailed: Alex Bull and Oliver Lee

Two men who attacked a man in Margate and then robbed him have been jailed.

Alex Bull and Oliver Lee assaulted the man and stole £40 from him after he refused to buy any Valium tablets from them in January 2020.

They both pleaded guilty to the robbery, leading to Bull being jailed for three and a half years, and Lee receiving a three-year custodial sentence when they appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on Tuesday (July 20).

The victim, a man in his 50s, had arranged to meet someone during the evening of January 30, 2020 in Oxford Street but was approached by 39-year-old Bull and 28-year-old Lee who told him they had a quantity of Valium for sale.

The victim refused to buy any, and the pair responded angrily, demanding money from him.

They followed him, pushing him to the ground, punching and kicking him. As the pair attacked the victim, they took his belongings including £20. His phone was taken from his hand, which Bull squeezed so hard, the victim feared his fingers had been broken in the process.

Lee handed back the victim’s keys but Bull would only return the phone when offered another £20.

The following day the robbers were identified and arrested by police.

Bull and Lee, both of no fixed address, were charged with one count of robbery which they admitted in court.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Richard Cordery said: ”‘Regardless of what is stolen, being a victim of robbery is frightening and can leave people very anxious as they are left coming to terms with such an attack.

“This pair were aggressive and greedy, targeting someone simply because they could and because they wanted cash.

“I hope losing their liberty makes them reconsider their attitudes.”


  1. This sort ought to be kept off our streets forever, making mail sacks & litter bags for the rest of their useless lives.
    I am very biased as you can tell.

  2. Some Government Oik should open up a disused factory into making useful things (bath plugs, tap washers etc), build a wall round it, organise catering, sanitary units. Crets of this sort could then be kept in it for life. They would fed, clothed, socialised – but remain in there for life.
    There is no other deterrent for them.

  3. I’ve seen the younger one running around Margate shouting his mouth off. They are both in the homeless click and live on the streets. Pond life the pair of them!

  4. No John, they are still around, this is the lesser spotted Thanet species, often referred to as a chav.

    They are now so endangered, that they have to be locked up, they also require a strict diet, usually cannabis and alcohol.

    • Think you will find it is their behaviour, what they did to the victim and their way of life that is a disgrace. Types like this do not deserve chance after chance, they are rotten to the core and a waste of space.

      • I can find multiple things disgraceful at the same time. I didn’t try and excuse their behaviour, but the smugly superior tone of most of the replies here is disgraceful.
        What do you know about their way of life? I know one of the men and if I found myself in the same circumstances as him I would feel totally disenfranchised. I hope that I, and you, never find myself homeless and destitute. And if you do, I trust you’ll hold yourself fully responsible for your actions while on the street.

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