Laleham Gap School project to combat food insecurity in Venezuela

Learning to be a global citizen at Laleham Gap

UNICEF Rights Respecting School Laleham Gap in Ramsgate is empowering a community living with food insecurity in Los Taques, Venezuela, to feed their children.

Teachers Mrs Schroepfer and Mr Wharlley-Payne are keen to embed the school mission to teach all children about being a responsible global citizen.

They said: “The hope is that this project extends our pupils’ horizons as they teach the children of Los Taques about the International Rights of the Child.  We will also fundraise for the resources this community deserves to establish their plans for a new community centre which will act as a kitchen and school.”

Los Taques is on the extreme north west coast of Venezuela on a peninsula called Parajuana, which juts into the Caribbean Sea.

The area has been hit hard by the pandemic.  There are shortages of everything from basic utilities to food, medicines and clothes. Malnutrition amongst the children is leading to premature deaths; parents have to make the choice of which meal in the day their children will receive.

The ‘Fundación Milagritos’ project has secured premises where meals can be prepared and served to approximately fifty children in two sittings between 12-2.00pm. The identified need is for children between 2 and 13 years old including four young people diagnosed with Autism and deemed to be particularly vulnerable.

Once the project kitchen is established, teaching sessions will be offered to the young people attending.


  1. This is a superb idea! Food shortages are happening in Cuba too similarly, because of the illegal American Embargo which is being tightened by President Biden! Also, because a large part of their income came from tourism, which has been lost due to the Covid virus!

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